Sisters ass

I grew up in a large family. Five sisters and two brothers. I’m the third oldest with two older sisters.
When I was about 16 years old, one of my younger sisters, Jenny, and I got along the best. She’s two years younger than me. We lived out in the country on 10 acres surrounded by rolling hills and some farmland.
From time to time I would give Jenny a piggyback ride. I always secretly thought Jenny had a great body and ass for her age. I would sometimes masturbate thinking about her ass.
One day we were hiking around the property, and as we were headed back to the house up the scrub oak path I offered her a piggyback ride about 50 yards from the house. While I carried her I allowed my hands to creep up her legs a little. Jenny always wore shorts, so my hands were on her bare skin. A few more steps, my hands sliding up just a little more. Jenny didn’t seem to care, she just kept on jabbering like she always did. By the time we got back to the house my hands were just up inside her shorts and touching the very bottom of her panties and ass. We got to the garage, I set her down and we went inside the house. Everything normal as usual. I jacked off in my closet about five minutes later thinking of her ass!
About a week later, I was giving her another piggyback ride pretty much the same scenario. This time my hands made it up to her panty line. More Jenny jabbering. So I made a daring move and started sliding my fingers under her panties. No reaction from Jenny. So up further into her panties my hands went. By the end of the walk, my hands were gripping her full ass! Not a single word of objection from Jenny after the walk. I proceeded to go jack off again in my closet. I was in heaven thinking about the next piggyback ride!
One evening after dinner Jenny wanted to go on a short hike. We headed out down the trail. She was wearing a tank top, baggy sweat shorts and tennies. We were headed away from the house, and once we disappeared into the scrub oak she asked for a piggyback ride. I readily agreed. She got behind me and said to wait a sec, she had pebble in her shoe. I stared ahead down the path and in a moment Jenny was climbing on for her ride. Off we went, my hands around her bare legs. And once again my hands start going up her legs. Jenny was chatting it up. My hands made it up to where I should be feeling panties. Nothing yet. Hands going up further, still no panties. Before I knew it my hands were fully grasping her ass! Her bare ass! About this time, Jenny was showing me her shorts she was holding in her hand. My dick was soo hard!! I stopped walking and started groping her bare ass! Jenny stopped talking and was just breathing heavily! I bent forward a little to keep her from sliding down. My hands felt her butthole and smooth pussy mound as well! We both enjoyed what we were doing! Me being the groper and she being the gropee!
We had a few more hikes like that over the next few months. Several times she took off all her clothes for a naked piggyback ride. We never did anything else sexually, however my finger made it slightly into her soaked pussy a few times!
Those were the days! It’s never been mentioned between us as adults. It remains a dirty naughty secret between us.


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  • I would've fucked her doggy style

  • Holy shit, I don't know how your could have resisted fucking her doggy style while staring at her sweet ass. Fuck she was naked several times with your hands all over her ass, what the fuck was wrong with you?. She probably wondered why in the hell didn't lay her down somewhere for a hot beef injection....into her pussy. You may have even hurt her because she thought you had no interest in her body.

  • I wish I could go back and do it all again!

  • Love the story just kids being kids

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