I Used To Fuck My Cousin's Hot Little Cunt

The first time it happened was when we had been drinking. My cousin was hot and a real flirt and we had made out several times prior to this so I just thought it was just more of the same. We were in my parent's den just kissing and partying. I remember I was kneeling on the floor with my back to her and she was sitting on the edge of the couch. When I turned around to look at her she had her legs spread as wide as they could spread and she was holding her skirt above her waist. She wasn't wearing any panties and she had the sluttiest look on her face as she held that pose and gave me total access to her hot cunt. I can still remember exactly how it looked. It had been shaved but the hair was growing back a little. Longer than stubble but short enough to be able to see her nicely shaped vulva. I dove in face first.
Now, this didn't happen when we were teenagers. We were both in our mid 20's and knew fully well the taboo nature of what we were doing. We fucked off and on for years even after we were both married to other people. And we weren't always discreet. I remember a time when my wife and a few other relatives were in the same room as we were and I had my hand hidden up under her dress finger fucking her seemingly always horny pussy and another time at her house on the front lawn with her husband sitting maybe 20 feet away as she gave me an extended upskirt with her panties pulled up into her hungry cunt. Nobody ever caught us though. Except for the time when her Mom, my aunt, caught us in her bed one morning. We had already had sex and were both under the covers. I don't know if my Aunt knew what we were up to

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