Small boobs that got bigger

My gf for 3 years had small boobs and large nips. We broke up and then after a year, we patched things up. She had a bf when we were off for a year. She is my gf again but I noticed her boobs is much bigger than before but definitely not that big to assume she had them fixed by surgery. I kept asking her what did she do to it. She is just saying her ex loved to suck them. 3 years prior I suck them a lot too but it did not get bigger. Any ideas what made them a bit bigger? I keep on wondering what her ex may have done that I didnt?

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  • My boobs were pancakes when I was 14. I had a steady boyfriend when I was 15. I lost my virginity to him & he pumped me full of his potent sperm 3 to 5 times a week. I didn't have access to birth control pills, so we used condoms when I was ovulating. When I turned 16, I had nice breasts & a heart shaped ass that drew attention of guys & my mother's friends who told her that I had to be having sex to get that shape.

  • My girlfriend's tits got bigger when she got on birth control. It was a pleasant surprise for me. Her tits weren't small, but they got to a nice size that I enjoyed much more.

  • My gf's tits are small, and after having two girls, they do sag a little. She has the most beautiful areolas and nipples. She wouldn't have anything done because she didn't want people to notice a change.

  • I've seen girls between the ages of fifteen and eighteen who experienced a burst in boob development, probably due to whatever birth control pill their mom put them on. It happens. One thing is for sure, they didn't get bigger by some ex-bf sucking on them, or, my ex-gf's would need wheelbarrows to haul their's around.

  • I never thought of that before that birth control pills can make it bigger. you two can be right because when she was my gf before and until now, i tell her not to take any pill because i know it messes up the hormones so I just wear condoms when we have sex and she allows me bare when she says she is safe. She may have taken bc pills for the year she had another bf.

  • You're right, taking birth control can make a girls boobs bigger. The nice thing is at that age their boobs are so firm, they still don't sag with the increase in size and weight.

  • I bet your gf had something done. It may just take a while for her to admit it. The only thing her ex did that you didn't....was having her get the implants.

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