Being A Slut A Family Trait

I relocated down south for a better paying job. I didn't know anyone yet. I decided to hang out regularly at this dance hall. Then one Saturday night at the dance hall I was drinking a bit too much a woman sat at my table and we conversed. Shortly later she grabbed my hand and pull me to the dance floor. It was a slow dancing song. She started to grind into me making my penis stiff. She felt it and said, "It will do." When we got back to the table she suggested to take me to her place. I agreed, hoping I would get laid.
At her place she handed me a glass of wine and we sat on the sofa. She turned the TV on to a porn channel. We started to neck and then she went down on her knees and whipped out my cock. "Nice!" she exclaimed to me. She began to stroke it and take it in her mouth. I told her I was near the point. "Not yet baby." she said. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom and undressed me and herself. She had small breasts with dark pointed nipples and a dark fuzzy pussy. She pushed me onto the bed, where she straddled on top of me guiding my dick into her. She started to jump up and down on my rigid cock screaming, "Yes! Yes! Fuck Me!" She leaned forward a bit and pushed her cunt down hard on my dick and orgasmed when she felt my load in her. We fell asleep.
We started to date. She invited her mother, Doris, along to the dance hall. She was nearing 70 and dressed well and smelled good while wearing her perfume. I danced with her a few times on the dance floor, then during a slow dance she told me I danced nicely. Then she said something that stunned me. "Are you just as nice in bed with what I felt in your pants?" "I'm 47, Doris, four years younger than your daughter." I said. "That's ok, at my age I need a hard stiff dick." she said. I didn't say anything to her daughter Judy about the conversation.
Several weeks later I was invited by Doris to have Sunday brunch with her after church. She was all dolled up. The conversation around the dinning table became very adult oriented. " You're a handsome guy and have some stamina which I heard from my daughter. Aren't you interested in fucking a much older woman that would be happy to have a young stiff cock?" as she walked behind me reaching down to my crotch. "Oh yeah! Nice package! as she squeezed my penis. This was really getting kinky and getting me fucking horny. She pulled my dick out and started tugging it. "Enjoy that?" she asked. "Or this?" as she sucked my pole. I held her head as I enjoyed the moment. "Ready for the real action?" as she grabbed my hand and guided me into the bedroom. I undressed her touching her small breasts and rubbing my hand across her butterfly snatch. She spread wide on the bed and told me she wanted oral. I spread her butterfly lips exposing a big clit on her. No wonder she gets horny. I started to pinch and suck on it, while fingering her. "Yes! Yes! Don't Stop Sweetie! she yelled as I pressed my face in her kitty and licked her wet snatch. She started to do vagina farts and I knew she was having orgasms in my face. I went behind her and slipped my dick in her wet vagina and squeezed her small tits hard. I really squeezed them very hard as I filled her with my cream pie.
I began to call her mom when we was together.
Judy has a 30'ish daughter named Dana. Dana was a short blonde with a hot body, but no tits. She knew I was eyeing her and one day she flashed me exposing her perky nipples. One day Dana was in the back seat of my car and her mom was sitting up front with me. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Dana fingering her smooth snatch. I wanted her badly and hated to be teased. She mentioned to me several times that older men are more experienced sexually and it would be fun to find out.
Then one evening Dana showed up at my door. As she stepped inside, she removed her windbreaker, exposing her braless breasts behind her sheer see thru top. Her short shirt was tightly wrapped around her ass. "I know you want me!" she said. "I have a free evening!" She wrapped her arms around me and grind into my groin. Kept grinding until it was noticeable. "Bigger than my hubby! Nice hun!" as she slipped her hand down my pants. She lifted her tight skirt exposing her naked smooth slit She unbuttoned me and rubbed my dick over her slit. I removed her top and played with her nipples as she toyed her slit with my cock. We worked our way to the sofa where I sat with my bottoms off and she sat across my cock with her back to me. She kept jumping up and down as I cupped her tiny breasts screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" My cock fitted really tight in her and she quickly orgasmed. She got on her knees and opened her mouth begging for my sperm. I started whacking off hard, squeezing my cock that was pointed to her face to get my sperm out. "Give it to me! Give me all of it! I want to taste it!" she kept saying. Finally it shot out, over her face, in her mouth, down her chin. She wiped it with her fingers and sucked it off with her mouth with a big grin on her face. I told her I wanted to lick and cum on that hot ass. She got on all fours and I couldn't resist slapping and licking that ass and jerking my cock off by sliding it up and down between her cheeks.
I'm glad I moved down south. So many horny southern sluts that want to be fucked.

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  • What a smorgasbord you have ended up with! The near 70 year old Doris may even have a younger sister who could also use your services also. Just remember to save enough cum for Judy's pussy too.

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