I am a 50 year old married white male.
I’ve been secretly wearing my wife’s things for the past five or six years.
When craigslist still had a group to post ads to meet other people, I was contacted by an older gentleman. We emailed and texted back and forth for a while. We finally became comfortable with each other and set up a meeting. The first meeting was at a coffee shop to chat face to face. After that meeting, I agreed to invite him over to my house while my wife was at work, and he could see me in person dressed in my wife’s bra, panties and heels. It was a very brief, exciting and nervous meeting. He came just inside the front door. My cock was very hard and poking out the top of my panties. He felt me up for a few minutes, and then he was on his way. He visited my house several times on his way to work to give me a thorough groping. A few times leaving me standing there with my panties pulled down, my bra unfastened and a huge hardon as he hugged me goodby on his way to work. He always had the biggest bulge in his pants during our doorway visits. He told me he would jack off in his car after our visits. One morning I met him at the doorway naked wearing just high heels. I was soo hard! I asked him if I could try something. He said ok. I knelt down in front of him, unfastened his pants and pulled out his super hard 6 inch cock. I proceed to give him a blowjob which was my first time ever sexual act with another man! He didn’t try to stop me or say anything. I sucked him like a porn star and swallowed his entire load! It was incredible!! He fastened back up, said thank you, gave me a big hug and was on his way. I sucked his cock four more times after that.
That’s been my secret for a few years.

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  • I was basically a newlywed who was experimenting with my wife's lingerie and got a little carried away. I had an incredible urge to be with a man who was older than me but had experience with someone who had little experience other than boyhood curiosity's.
    I had on one of my wife's most luscious lace covered panties, gartered stockings with a matching camisole top as I swallowed it from his gorgeous throbbing cock. I squealed like a schoolgirl as he turned me aggressively onto my tummy and squeezed my ruffled lace cheeky panties. His freshly sucked cock glistened in fist as he fumbled with my panties because he wanted to fuck me with them on. Soon I'd be all girl, spasming as my boypussy tightly gripped his cock as he pushed against my love nut, squirming and whimpering as he pushed and pushed into me. I lay next to him afterwards in my wife's lace delights all squishy with our love that leaks ever so slowly into them.

  • If any adult would like to contact me about my above blowjob confession, please feel free to email me on my email
    This is a true story and I’m a real person.

  • I am 56 and my wife quit giving me blow jobs about ten years ago, I am in great shape and answered an ad similar to that a few years ago. Older man claiming he loved to suck cock and would host, the first time I went to his place I could not believe how good it felt and I thought it was just because it had been a while. I still go to his place often and he is the most talented cock sucker I have ever had do it. He is retired and has told me I can come over daily if I want to and he always responds with a yes when I message him. Hopefully this keeps up for several more years because it is great stress relief.

  • If any adult would like to contact me about my above blowjob confession, please feel free to email me on my email
    This is a true story and I’m a real person.

  • The older gentleman’s cock that I sucked, David, couldn’t believe that I had never sucked a cock before. He was amazed how good it felt. He has told me I was the best blowjob he’s ever had. I assured him I had never sucked a cock before in my life. I’ve thanked him several times for the terrific complement.
    I’ve found that sucking his cock was an extreme sexual and personal connection. I know it’s not morally right to be performing such a sinful act, and my faithfulness to my wife is a charade. But now that if experienced having another mans cock in my mouth, draining his balls down my throat, its something I want to keep doing ! I think about sucking a cock every day!!

  • Sounds really hot! I’m really curious to what sucking a big fat cock would be like too. Could you feel it pulse in your mouth when he blew his load? Did you lick his balls? Were they hairy?

  • The first time seemed so surreal and happened so quickly. I had been very curious about sucking a cock for a long time, but never had the nerve to do anything about it. At that moment, standing naked wearing only high heels with a raging hard-on, I decided to just go for it. Once his cock was in my mouth I was committed, no chickening out. I was amazed on how completely full my mouth was and how warm his cock felt. I could feel it throbbing several times. I was very focused on keeping my mouth as wide open as possible keeping my teeth clear. I got a rhythm going with my mouth fucking his cock, with the head of his cock bumping my tonsils, and my tongue cradling his shaft.
    I gagged slightly a couple of times but didn’t slow down. Then hearing him say “I’m going to cum!”
    He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. Only a few skull fuck motions and I could feel is cumm squirting on my tonsils. I instinctively started swallowing. The last couple of thrusts he pushed in as far as he could go with the head of his cock past my tonsils at the very back of my throat!
    I stood up and it still felt so surreal. He fastened back up, gave me a big hug grabbing handfuls of my ass and he headed off to work.
    I remember feeling excited, ashamed, guilty, slutty and knowing I had just cheated on my wife.
    If I could have sucked his cock again that day,
    I would have.

  • This is so similar to my experiences. I have been with a guy 4 times (same guy) with me wearing my wife's sexy lingerie and sucking his big dick. Embarrassed to even admit it to myself

  • I feel embarrassed telling my story of sucking David’s cock. It’s like I’m addicted to it now. Being naked in high heels or wearing lingerie while his cock is in my mouth makes me feel like such a sissy fag!

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