As I’m written this post I have a dildo up my ass. I'm a straight curious male but I love the way it feels. I’ve had have anal sex with woman and loved it I’ve been pegged a few times by my x and came really good. I have been watching male porn and I get excited. Some of the men are in good shape with pig cocks and muscular asses. I would love to try a real cock in my ass. I also want to fuck a mans ass. I m not into kissing and no desire to suck a cock. I would love to have a man suck me. I heard their the best. I've been reading that older men are doing this more. I guess the iris no sex home. Or they had a gay experience when younger. Well there my confession for tonight.

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  • I'm late to finding this website and posting- a newbie. I will say I do enjoy what I'm reading and my shemale cock enjoys what I'm reading while I dido my pussy hole with a exotic crystal filled glass dildo that gives me so much pleasure and masturbating my cum filled panties is where like to be while streaming shemale and lesbian porn on my 70inch TV..it's like I'm right there with them..I enjoy do all kinds of naughty and nasty things to get off..yesterday was a grand day of playing with me close shemale and lesbian friends! We have developed quite a bonding..because of my desire to be a shemale and all I need at this point is larger breast..but they are starting to get larger..but to cut to the chase I really only like to be fucked by shemales or dildoed and sucked by lesbians.Im just to spoiled to be fucked by a man..once you have felt the warm loving cock of a shemale in your pussy hole and at the same time fucking a beautiful lesbian it will be hard to have any sexual experience any greater!!!

  • I started playing with my ass at a very early age. Fingers at first but other things soon after I got used to my finger up my ass. My best friend and I were about 12 and down in the woods sucking each others dick and I let him fuck me that day and it was so good we stayed there long enough that he fucked me a second time and both times he put his cum in my ass.
    For several years after that he fucked me all the time and so did other boys I knew back then. I still use sex toys and my wife fucks me with our collection of strap on toys and I have been fucked by a few men over the years and I really enjoy getting fucked by a big hard dick it don't happen often but I sure enjoy it when it does.

  • I'm an older man, but, I've always been bisexual. I think that older men who want to try sex with another man are just late age bi-curious or want to revisit the sexual wanderings of their early teens. There are varying degrees of this curiosity. I've always been into cock worship, so, I like sucking and taking it in the ass. I will fuck man pussy, and I will kiss a man, but, it's not a preference by any means. I think the only thing that has changed with me over the years is I now like partners, both men and women, to be my age, or even a little older, as opposed to exclusively young. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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