As I’m written this post I have a dildo up my ass. I'm a straight curious male but I love the way it feels. I’ve had have anal sex with woman and loved it I’ve been pegged a few times by my x and came really good. I have been watching male porn and I get excited. Some of the men are in good shape with pig cocks and muscular asses. I would love to try a real cock in my ass. I also want to fuck a mans ass. I m not into kissing and no desire to suck a cock. I would love to have a man suck me. I heard their the best. I've been reading that older men are doing this more. I guess the iris no sex home. Or they had a gay experience when younger. Well there my confession for tonight.

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  • I'm an older man, but, I've always been bisexual. I think that older men who want to try sex with another man are just late age bi-curious or want to revisit the sexual wanderings of their early teens. There are varying degrees of this curiosity. I've always been into cock worship, so, I like sucking and taking it in the ass. I will fuck man pussy, and I will kiss a man, but, it's not a preference by any means. I think the only thing that has changed with me over the years is I now like partners, both men and women, to be my age, or even a little older, as opposed to exclusively young. I hope you find what you're looking for.

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