Anal sex

Are there any women that prefer anal sex rather than regular sex. I have been reading stories here and some women really love anal. I just started fucking my girlfriend ass and rimming her something she was not into and loved it. Any other women love anal?

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  • Hello there. Yes I love a nice fat cock in my ass. Just not overly long as I'm a small gal. I'm only five foot three and my perfect man is 6-8 inches but no more. But hell yes I love a nice thick hard cock in my holes including my poop shoot. It feels even better than in my pussy. Not sure why it just does. I have even climaxed while pinching a loaf. I love having my hole licked also. Oh God if you lick my asshole I would do anything for you include kill. It feels that fucking wonderful. Fuck now I'm so damn horny I am going to have you fuck myself in the ass with one of my toys. SHIT!

  • I love cock in my ass. I told my first boyfriend he could have my ass only cause my pussy I was saving for marriage. To this day he still only is getting the asshole. When I find the right man and we marry then he can have my pussy.

  • I heard a lot of women do anal to save their virginity. I wouldn't mind that at all.

  • My hubby has been doing my butt for over 20 years and it still hurts when he does, but I let him any-time he wants. He doesn't want it as much as he did during our first 15 years or so, but still reams me out at least once a month. Why have I endured all those years of his thick nine inches up my butt? It's simple really, I make him happy and he makes me happy. I wouldn't give him up for nobody.

  • I love it licked and finger play is good too but my husband is to big. We have tried but it is just to much once his shaft starts into me.

  • Try stretching it out with butt plugs. I see videos of people getting their ass fisted. I don't recommend that I think it's disgusting. The anal sphincter is a muscle

  • WOW yes, anal with me on all fours in the doggie position is just the best

  • This is a great post. I honestly have the same question for my wife. She gave anal to her ex bf frequently. She told me we needed to save something for after we are married. 6 years and never fucked her ass.

  • Oh hell no make her give up that ass

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