I really love having my asshole licked and sucked on. Problem is my boyfriend is scared to try it. I wash my asshole so well in preparation of a good licking. But he always chickens out on me and makes up some excuse about he's not feeling very well. If you are well enough to fuck me you are well enough to lick and rim my sexy sweet ass. Anyone else like to be licked down there? It feels so good my toes curl up like a bird on a wire. Yes I love being rimmed. Something wrong with that. Like I said I wash really well and get so clean. I would rim him but he's like so squeamish he doesn't even want to do that . Oh well I need it and if he's going to be like this maybe I should break it off with him. I want to be happy and this makes me happy. I suck his cock for him. Plus he doesn't lick my pussy much either. I know what you are going to say. But my pussy doesn't stink either. I'm very conscienoius about my hygiene . Other lovers have told me that my pussy didn't smell very much at all. One guy licked my pussy for 20 to 30 minutes during foreplay. Wish he was out of prison he was great at rimming. But he got busted selling pot and got 16 months. They should just legalize the stuff and be done with it. They could tax it and might as well legalize prostitution also. It's even dumber.

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  • I love rimming. My new girlfriend was very hesitant about me rimming her and fucking her ass. Now she loves it. She's pushing my head into her ass. So also loves anal. She tells me not to take it out. Anyway, I love rimming as long as it is clean. I'll make out with your asshole sticking my tongue in and out of your ass. I love when a woman sits on my face. Your boyfriend is selfish. U said you're clean I don't know what he is afraid of. I also like my ass licked that's something my girlfriend said she would never do. Now she's licking me sticking her finger in my ass. I love it.

  • You sounds like a good fuck to me. I would love to rim you and be rimmed by you lover. I have nice big droopy tits you can use for you fun.

  • Do u like it in your ass?

  • Well yeah! Especially your warm wet tongue you sexy beast. That and a nice hard dick sliding in and out of me.

  • I just got done rimming my ole lady's ass a few minutes ago and the smell of shit is fresh on my whiskers. It stays for a couple hours then fades. But I love licking her hole. I stick my tongue into her and watch her toes curl. She really climaxes more from that than eating her twat.

  • I’d love to lick up and down your tight crack for hours! I’d stick my tongue right up your beautiful asshole and I would hope you farted right in my face too.

  • I could do that for you. You want a nice big fart in your face? Oh yes! You sound like a nice kinky fun kind of person.

  • I have the reverse situation. I used to adore going down on my wife, both her pussy and arsehole. Yet she thinks me sticking my tongue up her cute bum is dirty and won't entertain it these days.
    Its taken the wife of a neighbour, who's husband never gives her what she wants, that's given me the opportunity to indulge in my love of rimming her pussy, but especially her gorgeous arsehole.

  • Certainly there are some good stories here! Don’t be shy...

  • I would love to rim your sexy ass! I lick my wife’s ass almost every time I go down on her! I have done this with every woman I have been with. I find that women go nuts if you eat their ass for a while and then work a finger (or two) in there while sucking their clit. It always has them thrashing around and cumming over and over!

  • My mind is made up. I'm leaving him. If there are so many men who love doing this life is too fucking short to stay with the turd I'm with.

  • Good for you. I love ass.

  • Oh yeah the finger comes in right after you get the ass nice and lubed with the tongue...This dude in the original post is not going to be a rimmer if he doesn’t like eating pussy to start with.
    Ask him to do it the next he’s down and it’s soaking with your juice, he might learn to love it... all parts of this method are situational.

  • Yes love a good finger fuck. Also try your warm wet tongue really makes them squirm and go to pieces.

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