Women: Fucking Black Guys

To put a little context on my question my wife was introduced to black guys by her best friend. Her best friend was dating a black a guy and wanted her to go on a date with her bf’s friend. My wife agreed and ended up getting fucked on their first date. From that point on she dated and fucked black guys exclusively from 18 to 25. I was actually her first real white SO. She had a bf at like 16 but it wasn’t serious.

How many women were introduced to black guys by their friend(s) or did you introduce your friend(s) to black guys?

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  • It's not necessarily the size of black cocks, for me it's that thick creamy white come teaming with sperm. It makes the perfect creampie when mixed with the wetness of my white pussy.

  • I get that. Has your gf or wife ever had a black cock?

  • I went to stay with my niece who had a baby and needed some help with the other three kids. She has a black husband and while there her husbands friend came over every night to watch TV, he was single. No excuses but I was very attracted to him and he cashed in on my vulnerability and we had sex for the next 3 moths while I was there. He was 23 and I was 43. I remember it like it was yesterday and I still get aroused over my memories with him.

  • Were you married, in a relationship or single? Did he live up to the stereotype?

  • When my husband went to Korea, I went to visit a girl who had been my best since elementary school. She'd move to Texas after community college. Well when I got there I found that she was living with this black guy. I had planned on spending a month with her but was going to cut it short as I felt very weird being the third wheel.
    Anyway, while I didn't ask her boyfriend brought a friend of his over so I wouldn't feel out of place. So far away from home, I was lonely, I ended up having sex with him. It was great !

  • Sounds familiar, when I was stationed in Korea I had a Korean girlfreind and my wife had a black boyfriend. she was introduced to him by her sister who was dating a black guy.

  • Hopefully you don’t mind a man’s input. My wife went to a HS that was roughly 50/50. 50% white and 50% black so it was common to date between them. Mostly for white girls to date black guys, but some white guys to date black girls. Anyhow my wife didn’t really get interested in guys until her junior year. She dated a few white guys and gave them blowjobs. Then she met started dating a white guy and after a few weeks he fucked her. She told her best friend how bad and awkward it was and her friend told her about her bf. A black guy, 6’11”. My wife dated the white guy for another month but eventually broke up with him because she was just not that into him and the sex didn’t get any better. A couple of weeks later her friend set her up on a blind date with her bf’s friend. They partied and then were fooling around and he pulled his pants down. She said he was twice the size of her first bf. Apparently her first bf must have been like 4”. That was it for her. He fucked her nearly daily and she would blow him everyday at lunch. From there she remained a strict BBC girl until we met. I’m not small by any measurement but some of her bf’s were huge.

    Why she married me I have no idea because she can’t seem to stop looking at and talking about black guys.

  • Babe? Umm I thought we talked about this and you wouldn’t share my story!! WTF is wrong with you? Come on babe! Yes Luke was huge but babe how many 10” cocks have you seen irl? If you dated a woman with 32DD tits in HS and college do you think I’d be sharing how you titty fucker her daily? Yes I can’t believe this. Yes Luke showed me a lot and taught me a lot. Don’t I give amazing Bjs? Well the next time you see Luke you should thank him (maybe offer to let me suck him as a thanks JOKING). It wasn’t only about how big his cock is. It was so much more. He showed me so much and well yes he was amazing. Yeah so what if I dated or had ONS with a bunch of Black guys. What’s the big deal? Maybe I was a slut but so what!! It’s in the past. Everything in my past brought me to you! Get over it. GD! Oh and your dick maybe it’s a cock is really nice. It’s like a perfect dick to show the world what average looks like. So stop!!

  • No GD! What is your obsession with my past!??! Ok so I dated some black guys and my first real sexual partner was Luke and he has a massive cock! Do you want to hear that it took so long to finally be able to take all of him? That I cried for the first month every time he fucked me be he is so thick? That it was my idea to try it in the ass because I wanted to please him? What do you want to know??!!!! Tell me and we can have it out here for everyone to see. GD babe! So what if I like Big Black Cocks. What’s the big deal?! I’m married to you. Yeah I know I stare at black guys all the time. What’s wrong with that?

  • I thought I gave a good overview. WTF is your problem? Your the one who fucked 20 black guys and let them do things to you you never let me do! Hell you gave ONSs blowjobs and let them fuck you bareback and CUM in you! Yeah I know. Thought that pill would protect you but one or more gave you HPV! You told me I couldn’t cum in you. How many blowjobs have you given me? Yeah 4 in 5 years. Your ass is completely off limits to me but you wanted to be able to take Luke in your ass. Oh and I should have started with this; why didn’t you tell me anything about your past? Maybe I’d have looked at you differently than the good Christian girl you portrayed yourself to be. If you didn’t like sex with me you should have told me!! I don’t know why you just call up Luke or one of your many ONSs and just start being a BBC Slut again! Tell you what you can be a BBC Slut again and I’ll get a GF who actually wants to fuck!

  • Maybe I will you ass! Youll probably have trouble finding yourself a little whore you can fuck! Haven’t you heard all white women want to be fucked by BBCs! Any girl you find is gonna be. A bbc slut hahaha!

  • Fuck you!!! Fuck you’re a slut. Fuck it!!!

  • Well babe I guess you were a little drunk last night huh? Well hopefully you got to jerk that peepee last night before u passed out. I know how you get when you’re all “backed up”. Call me when you finally wake up u dic! I

  • Fuck you! Have you been watching church on YouTube? I’m sure you have with another tab open playing white woman getting used by BBCs! Which one do you pay attention to? I bet you start with church and make sure no one is watching then start touching yourself while your remember taking BBCs bare! Fucking SLUT!!! Are you planning on sneaking over 1 or 4 black guys to fuck you in our bed? Oh maybe you can play out that video I caught you watching. Yeah you know the one with the woman in her wedding dressing taking all those BBCS! The. Wiping their cocks off on the dress. GD!!

  • Ha! That is sooo funny because I remember your comment when you caught me! You said I should could do that and that I was so much hotter than the chick in the video. Don’t try to make it out like you didn’t get super hard watching that pale white married woman being ravaged by those Big Beautiful Black COCKS! I know your jerked your peepee. Did you cum hard or did it dribble out? Yeah everyone he cums it just dribbled out of his peepee.

  • Ok so you e finally come to your senses and are going to be a good boy and stop talking shit!?

    Oh and I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that today when you were being a lil whiny baby I had some fun with a “friend” on FaceTime!! Yep I masterbated to a bbc while he stroked it and told me how hot I was and how he was going to treat me like I need to be treated. So tug your lil peepee and make it dribble. You’d have to cum 20 times to equal what this bbc produced. Asshole.

  • FUCK YOU!!!! You worthless black cock whore! When the lockdown is lifted I’ll be home to grab my shit! I’m so fucking glad I decided to stay an extra day. Now I’m not locked up with you and your bullshit. I’m sure you got off to a black guy stroking his dick. I hope he’s as thick as a baseball bat cuz you’re pussy is as wide as the Grand Canyon. I’d take me and another guy at the same time just to touch both sides! So fuck all the black dicks you want.

  • OMG Thank you!! Anything you want me to pack? Socks, underwear? That cock sleeve you wanted? You started this anonymous public argument. I have so much I can tell. Asshole.

  • Oh I’ll be sure to pack all your little rubbers. Any man I bring home wouldn’t be able to stretch it enough to get it on! Hahaha

  • Does anyone know if you can post a pic here?

  • Fuck off bitch! I’m done with you! I hope all your boys give you a STI. You’re a worthless slut!

  • Every year I have a girls weekend with my sister, with every intention of hooking up with someone. My sister met this black that she was fond of, and of course he had a friend. We are your typical white girl, blue eyes, blonde hair. 32 years on this planet, I’ve never been with a black guy, his friend was okay, not funny, but held a convo. He kinda smelled, sex was pretty good, until I felt him dump his load inside me, he took the condom off, and said how do you expect me not to cum inside you? Bitch you mine now. I ended that night quick, and started throwing things, and screaming. Every other man that I’ve cheated with, has never disrespected me like that. Thank god I didn’t catch anything and thank god for plan B

  • See that shit there is what ruins fantasies and turns people off to exploring their sexual kinks. “Bitch you’re mine now” What the fuck is that? I know he was probably serious but what did he expect? You were going to give up everything and be his fuck toy. The stereotype of black guys is getting slightly out of hand. Yes in my opinion IR Porn is pretty hot but remember they are professionals just like the NBA is full of professionals. “Blacked” doesn’t let a 5’5” black guy with a 4” dick star in their movies just like the NBA is t full of guys under 6’. Now so many black guys think they have a huge cock and every white woman wants them. My preference for women isn’t a color but a build and height. I don’t see a lot of physically fit 5’2”, petite women running around saying lock up your man or I’m taking him. Or maybe even “Dude (not sure what the male equivalent of Bitch is) you’re mine now!” Sorry for the rant but this one just hit me the wrong way. I hope this doesn’t deter you from continuing to live out your sexual life to its fullest. What a dick “you’re mine now”. Fucking idiot.

  • I am a girl and I agree. I liked your comment about the Blacked stars being professionals. You are completely right. You are right to that the myth of every black guy having a huge n thick cock is ridiculous. I mean how stupid do they think we are. I’ve been with a couple of black men. Both very considerate not like the bitch you’re mine ass. They we very average. I have a few white bfs and one was small, one average and one ouch! Size. I have been hit on and almost groped by a black guy once. Told me he had a huge dick. It was small. Really.

    Um how to they sit down and go poo with such huge cocks? Don’t the dip in the toilet water, pee and poo?

  • Before we were married I actually hooked my wife to be up with a black friend. They had a year long relationship but then we hooked up soon afterwards. She ended up telling me the juicy details eventually.

  • I've only had one black guy and it was through a female friend. She's white and was married to a black guy, and I was over at their place and one of her husband's black friends was there. She introduced me. I was married, but curious, and he was charming and we had a few drinks and smoked some weed. The four of us had side by side sex that day, no swapping. I rarely have orgasms from vaginal penetration, but I did twice that day. It was amazing, but I never did it again as I love my husband and regretted it.

  • How much did you regret it? Like depressed regret or just oops! Not doing that again.

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