Beach house cum

I went down to the annual beach weekend with my mom and her sister and my cousins some years ago. I was 21 at the time and it was us adults and my cousins 16f, 14f and 7m. We do it every year and I always have fun because I am the oldest and get to have fun with the kids but also hang with the adults. We have a normal beach day, super hot and sand everywhere so I go to take a shower in the outside shower. The outside shower is on the deck and just drains to the sand below with big gaps in the floor to let things drain. I get outside lock the door and turn on the water when I notice both my cousins bathing suits hanging up and also 2 pairs of thin cotton panties. Jsut for reference I am 6 ft but
way athletic and trim, and I get this urge to slip there bathing suits on. Jusy got fun. Now I'm already pretty horny but I feel my cock stiffen as I grab the bathing suits, and start fantasizing about my cousins pussy rubbing against the fabric. They are bright orange with lime green trim and quite small but I manage to slip them on me, and run my hand along the outline of my cock that fills the tiny crotch. At this point I dont know who's suit I'm wearing bit I do see something familiar that I reach for. Earlier in the day my 14 year old cousin was sitting on the couch in just a t-shirt and panties that I think she thought she was hiding well enough. I was sitting in a chair 45 degrees to her and she was sitting on the couch with both knees tight against her chest and the t shirt over her knees. I could see her light blue cotton panties and her pussy lips each time she pulled her knees against her chest. I thought of this as I sent her them off the hook and wrapped them around my engorged cock. There I was dressed in my nieces bright bathing suit furiously maturbating with her little blue panties about cum. I sit down and roll over with my face on the soft wood slat floor and pull her bathing suit deep into my butt. I arch my back, with my face pressed against the floor slats and push my cock back behind my thighs still wrapped in the delicate fabric of her blue panties and bega. To cum huge ropey loads into her little underwear . As the ex stacy drains from me with my ass in the air and my face against the floor I see it! I see 2 sets of eyes looking up at me through the floor slats from the sand below and I instantly knew my 2 cousins had witnessed my performance. But it was the two youngest and I heard them run away with one laughing kinda hysterically. No one mentioned it to me at all and I just avoid them now, so all good. Ah summer days, where have you gone?

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  • We have a beach house about two hours from home. My dad stays at our house during the week for work, then comes to our beach house on the weekends. During the week it's just me and my mom. My mom wears a bikini around the house most of the time since we don't have air conditioning there.

  • I'd have tired fucking your mom and or her sister after the kids were asleep. They couldn't be wearing much to sleep in if it was so hot that day.

  • Oops

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