First time anal with male

I love anal sex with a women especially with a nice ass. Lately I’ve been having a desire to fuck a man in his ass. I’m straight and never been with a man. But I would love to fuck one in the ass. Especially if he is a cross dresser with a nice ass. Any men interested in my desire?

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  • It would only be fair if you had your ass fuck too.

  • Only if you sing Hello Dolly while you do it then snuggle in bed and watch Glee or Golden Girls together

  • Oh! I love the sound of you, I am a sexy lady-boy sitting here at my computer dressed in my flouncy nylon negligee and floaty nylon nightie, masturbating thinking of your hot penis penetrating my knicker covered bum. I am so horny, I have a decent size penis myself, a very pretty bum which is longing to feel your thrusting manhood. How long can you last before you shoot your load?
    I love wearing ladies lingerie, stockings, slips, floaty chiffon skirts and a see-through blouse showing the lace of my bra.
    I know exactly what a man likes, I am slim with shapely long legs, I have pretty man-boobs, very sensitive and perty.
    I live in the UK, have my own place with a lovely feminine bedroom with a gorgeous double bed for us to make love on!!!!
    Chiffon Sissy.

  • Chiffon that sounds great and u seem perfect for me. I would love to chat with you. I love long legs. I'm 6 feet, Brown hair and green eyes athletic build. If you are serious let me know ill give you my email. Good night sexy.

  • Darling big boy, I would love to make love to you, feeling your erection probing my special parts, groping me under my chiffon skirt, tucking your fingers into my nylon knickers feeling my own erection.
    I would undo your pants and pull your boxers down while I kiss the head of your penis, undo your shirt while you kick off your shoes and socks, then lead you naked into my femme bedroom.
    Let me know what you would do next.
    Chiffon Sissy

  • Yes. Allupinit gee mail

  • Thanks I just email you

  • Let’s get together

  • Sure let’s do that. Give me a contact

  • Was on holiday in Thailand last year and fucked a stunning gorgeous ladyboy in the arse whilst my wife sucked him off. Both coked up it was amazing, I came loads in his tight arse then we both licked the cum out.

  • About now you should start getting the signs of venerial disease

  • Love fucking on cock. U could fuck my ass while your wife sucks me.

  • Mmm liquid AIDS....did you feel a bit off a week later as the virus started to grow?

  • U could fuck my ass baby. I’ll wear my heels stockings lace panties and bra and short tight skirt. U could have my ass all night baby. I would love to have your ass too baby. I would love to have you dress up with my panties and stockings and heels.

  • Oh yes I would love that. I would dress up for you and u take my virgin ass baby. I would love to have you cum in my ass

  • Hey baby I’m waiting on you.

  • Tell me more honey as I can't wait to play with you!!!!
    Chiffon Sissy

  • Hi Chiffon just got out of the shower and lying here naked. I would love to have you here wearing your sexy lingerie. I want to cuddle up with you and give you a nice massage. I ll put oil all over your body and massage you especially your ass. I would put oil on my body and we can have some fun. Let me know if you want my email

  • Hello big boy, all that oil would stain my undies and I don't want my silky undies soiled. However, I would love to lay on my bed with you, you would love the sensual silkiness of my pink and white negligee and my flouncy white nylon nightie and then there are my gorgeous white nylon knickers and suspender holding up a pair of dark brown shiny stockings.
    I would love to cuddle and kiss you, then feel you pulling my knickers aside, gelling my bottom and sliding your penis inside. I'm such a sensual sexy sissy, I adore being fucked while I wear them as it makes me feel so girly!!!!
    Chiffon Sissy

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