My dog has been trying to hump me and i can't stop wanting it

I have let my dog hump me and I can't help it my I am going to let him get me but I can't yet. Just not ready yet but it is hard but when I get him out there is so much cum and it keeps going lol. I like how he takes me down !!!! And can't stop watching vids of it.

I know a lot girls do and just want to know how it feels !!!

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  • I did it fck it hurt lock down

  • Omg, also licking my butt hole !!!!!!

  • My bf has been doing pretty much every day, I think I going to do it!

  • Start off by playing naked with your dog get down on a nice furry mat and pay particular attention to his cock, ball's and belly, when you want him to mount ensure you and he are well lubed it should not take long for him to get the idea

  • He get so big and so much cum lol I did give him a bj got under him on my face and tasted woodies then sweet weird ?????

  • I'm going to do it but not ready yet!

  • Its not easy and sometimes leaves you frustrated
    I had a golden retriever he would just hump air.
    But one day i was horny and our mutt was following me around.
    I stroked it a few times got him all excited and got on my knees naked
    He couldn’t hit home so i rolled
    Put a pillow under your ass
    This works

  • OMG, right they just humping anything

  • Best to start off in the missionary position with your legs high if your husband would assist the mounting after lubing both of you that is the ideal situation, then progress to being on all fours accepting him doggie

  • I moved back to CA i did it fking hurt, omg

  • I just got a 4 month old puppy and he isn’t neutered yet and the other day I got extremely turned on seeing him hump my leg so I let him and started to jerk him off

  • Dog sex is way overrated. 90% of the time, they are just humping air, they don't even seem to care if they are actually in the hole or not, and can't seem to keep it in anyway.

  • Right, but no get it they fck hard and big and so much cum OMG

  • I addicted to grls fuck their dogs but its like 30 seconds but they keep gong lol and omg the licking yes !!!!

  • I agree. I always get my dog to lick me to orgasm much better that way.

  • OMG, thx I feel better read this

  • Make sure you are lubed up because once he enters you the ramming will start and can be uncomfortable at first. My first time left me a little sore because I was not so add some right at the start.

  • They get big and fast and hard lol

  • If you want to know, then fuck him.

  • I did andfcking hurt

  • My wife fucks our Great Dane they both enjoy it

  • Covid all the time

  • Jack him off first, if you haven't already. You don't want him to be on top of you and then find out he's got a package the size of your arm.

  • OMG, he gets big and so much cum!!!

  • Start with licking. Hes already interested in you, what breed?

  • A lot of girls (and guys) do. Dogs are the best lovers.

  • I am a freak I did it

  • I know a lot of girls do ?

    Is there some kind of secret society I’m not aware of?

  • And hot like women i'm pretty but so many women i dont know confused what i did and why so many

  • It very common. Just not public.

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