Daughters now a Little

I have had a thing for young girls and for teens in diapers for a long time. My wife has gone away for 4 months on business. I didn't really think about it, but after a small incident i just couldn't help myself.
I came home early from work and found my 14 year old daughter making out with her boyfriend in her room. I didn't wait, i just screamed at him to leave and told her to stay in her room. Not lying, seeing her in just her singlet top and pink panties i was so turned on.
My daughter is short, very slim, has nice buddy breasts. She has long dark hair and a cute round face. I immediately knew what i wanted. I told her how much trouble she was in and that if i couldn't trust her as a young woman, then she will be treated as a young girl.
I let the next couple of days go by, not they she knows i was busy planning. I stayed home from work and waited till she got home. I called her to the kitchen and told her that as i warned her she will be treated like a little girl until i decide she can be trusted again. She cried as i explained it to her. She begged me not too, but i just said it's already done.
My planning, i had gotten a dummy, a baby bottle, bibs and purchased a large baby crib. I also purchased several bags of adult diapers. Size small for her tiny body. They were Rearz, pink with little princesses on them.
She cried as i told her to take her take off her shoes, pants and skirt and lie on the table. After i yelled at her a couple of times she did. She begged me so much not to do it. I got out a diaper and laid it under her bare ass. I was so hard as i wrapped my daughters tiny 14 year old body into a nice tight pink diaper. I made her change into one of her singlet tops. I let her keep her bra on, i was hot being able to see it through her singlet. I explained that while at home, she will be like this, she will sleep in the crib i put in her room And she will not be allowed to take the diaper off unless i say so or do myself.
After the first week was done, she mostly stopped crying, but was still mostly ignoring me, other than when she needed something. I loved watching her around the house. I decided to up the game. I explained on the Sunday night that from now on she will wear the diapers at all times, even to school. I made her test it and got get her school uniform on. In her blouse and skirt i lay her down and put her back into a new diaper, then get up. She cried again, but it was so cute seeing her standing their in her school skirt, puffed out, knowing she had a diaper on under it. The skirts are ruffled and just a little above knee height, so you could see she had the diaper on. I made her bend over a few times and only if she really lent all the way over could you see it. I made her walk around in it. With background noise you would hear the diaper crinkling, but in the silence of the house you could make it out. I explained to her that she was to wear it all day, not take it off and was to use it if she had no choice. She got angry and said she would take it off once i left her at school each day. I lied, but told her she couldn't as i had already told the school last week that due to a severe UTI that for the next month that the doctors had told you to wear it to keep the infection from spreading and to keep it from being exposed to anything else. She just begged and cried again to not make her.
After the second week of this i finally had too. I really know i shouldn't of, but i really needed to. After not having my wife around a few weeks and playing with my daughter and always being so hard. When she got home from school i had her lay on the table like i had many times. I pulled her diaper off and lay new one under her ass. Instead of wrapping her right away i told her i had a new step for her. She softly begged me not too as she cried when she saw what i was doing. The first time i just pulled my cock out and pulled till i blew a load all over her almost bald pussy, then wrapped the diaper over her and told her to run along.
By the third time, she was in shock as i pushed myself into her teen slit. Knowing she was my daughter, dressed so cutely as a baby most of the time and always wearing diapers to keep from any mess, i just had too. I burst the biggest load of my life into her, holding myself completely up inside her as i unloaded. I was hooked.
The last 2 weeks i have been pumping 3 or 4 loads a day into my daughters teen pussy. I just love filling her and then wrapping the diaper tightly over her pussy while she has my baby seed in her belly. I have even told her that if she is a good girl, when mommy gets home and another 6 weeks, as long as she has our baby growing in her belly, then i will stop treating her as a baby.


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  • An infantile story about forced infantilism from an imbecilic infantile intellect. To answer a question posed awhile back, no, apparently we can't raise the bar higher : (

  • I agree, it's a pathetic story!!

  • I don't understand the whole diaper thing??? I'm into incest and I like the school uniform but this is a weird story. Just stick to dad & daughter sex

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