I need cock now!

Hello I'm a very horny married white woman. My husband hardly takes care of me. He would rather look at porn and jerk off his pathetic little white dick. I need a man to give me what I desire. A nice big long hard dick full of yummy semen. I will do anything including taking it in the ass and sucking dick also. I really want someone to fuck me right in front of my loser of a hubby. Let him see us making love and how much I enjoy a man sized cock for a change. So if you are over 6.5 or 7 inches and thick I would love to feel you inside of me. Race doesn't matter. Cock size does. My pussy needs your cum. I'm 46, 5' 8" and have large floppy tits, brunette , green eyes, sexy legs, nice round plump ass. Love to do just about anything.

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  • Naughty.reachme@gmail.com....

  • Run an ad in your local newspaper, and write your name and number on men's bathroom walls. Then you can check out how big their dicks are for fucking you.

  • Oh babe! You are my kindred spirit!!! I have the same problem. My hubbies lil thin and pathetic white dick hardly gets hard and he only lasts seconds. I can’t take it anymore. I need hard big cock to fuck my tiny holes.

  • Naughty.reachme@gmail.com..

  • I feel your pain also. These men are so pathetic don't you know. I sure need a good fucking. Boy do I. Maybe I should be a cougar and get some young hard dick.

  • Fuck u hot..reach me at Naughty.reachme@gmail.com

  • I'm also white married,early 30's,kids and feel that way sometimes. My hubby tries but sometimes he just cannot ease my needs fully especially when I think back to my early 20's when I went travelling with two males friends.Had sex with both of them,one was my favourite,we became total fuck buddies and nearly more. I'd never cheat on my hubby but feel so naughty when I'm all alone masturbating thinking about my past sexual experiences.

  • Naughty.reachme@gmail.com

  • I didn’t think girls fantasied when they masturbate? At least that’s what my sister in law told me when I caught her doing it in a bed we were sharing one night alone.

    Of course I never crossed her mind as I laid there beside her..lol

  • Sure they do. They can have a mind as dirty as a guys.

  • I know. But she got off one night while we were in the same bed together and I declined her offer of sex because mom was 20 feet away! She admitted doing it her self but insisted she didn’t think of us doing it... right!

  • Why were you sharing a bed with your sister in law

  • It was before my ex wife and I got married. I was living at her moms and then she wanted me.. once women become comfortable with the men around them, it usually turns sexual.

  • I’ve been married to a tiny man for 3 years. I had a fuck buddy before I got married that I’ve been thinking about calling. His dick is a COCK and he knows how to use it.

  • A little over 10-1/2 inches long and almost 8 inches around and WHITE...

  • Now that's just what the Dr ordered. Oh man I sure could enjoy riding your cock.

  • Really love to see you on all fours taking this prick up your arse, doggie

  • Me too you sexy wild crazy fucker. I would love to be fucked by two men at the same time. I have never done this before. Would love to try.

  • Ya I bleve that

  • I’ll be your huckleberry!

  • Lmao

  • Well hell hit me up with your contact

  • Have a dog?

  • Maybe try not to be a disgusting wildebeest, and he'll regain interest.

  • Fuck off loser

  • His cock is long dead I'm afraid. And besides it so small anyway who needs that. I'm moving on to bigger and better cocks. I'm sucking on one right now. I figured why not make the first move. My neighbor his wife's pussy is all dried up. So I get a nice thick and long 7.75 inch by 6.5 thick sexy boner and he gets my hot ready snatch ready and waiting for a load of his yummy semen.

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