I am being very honest here. When I was about 9 yeas old I was at my cousins house and late that night he talked me into something that changed my life forever. He and I are the same age and grew up together. He and I took off our underwear in his bed and he got on top of me naked and was humping on my ass and it felt good. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks for him and in a few seconds he had his little hard dick in my asshole and he was humping on me.
He did it to me 2 more times before morning and ever since then I have been addicted to anal and I really enjoy being penetrated by most anything. I had no trouble getting him to screw me and once we got old enough to cum he always came in my ass.
As we got older I found out that there were other horny boys that didn't mind at all to do things to get off and my cousin told a couple of his friends at school and one weekend I went down to the creek with him and his two friends and they talked me in to doing it with all 3 of them which was something I was not expecting but once I did it I was all for doing it some more so we spent hours there and all 3 of them used my ass all they wanted to and many times after that over the next few years. Of course we all tried oral sex and we all enjoyed it and as we got older we tried just about everything 4 horny young boys could think of.
it was always me that liked to get fucked and it was my favorite to get fucked and suck a dick at the same time and I enjoyed letting them all cum in me any way they liked.
If they were not around I would sneak around and stick other things up my ass and I liked to fuck myself in the ass all the time and jack myself off. Of course I ate a lot of my own cum and even used it for lube many times. If I was home alone nothing in our house that I could stick in my ass was safe. I discovered ways to secure things to heavy objects then back up to them and take them up my ass then fuck my ass dog style and enjoyed doing this in front of a mirror so I could see my asshole stretched around something and see it slip in and out of my ass.
Anal penetration has always felt very good to me and I still do it to myself often. It is very rare that I let Men fuck me in the ass and I am very selective. I have been married for years Have a great wife kids and grand children so I know I am fairly straight and sane but I am hooked on anal sex because of my childhood and what my cousin did to me that first night he stuck his dick in my young naked tight asshole.
I travel often and bring toys along to enjoy the privacy of nice hotel rooms. I can play with my ass for hours when I am in the mood and back before they shut down Craig's List I would spend hours talking to other Men who wanted sex with men. I liked the clean safe well hung married men that just wanted to fuck me and just get off in my ass.
Over the years I have enjoyed several really big long thick cocks and I really enjoy taking a big hard one up my ass and if they can cum multiple times I really enjoy it.
As a senior in High School my goof friend and I got drunk one weekend at his house while his parents were out of town and we got so drunk I told him how I liked seeing his huge dick in the showers after football practice and when he seemed to enjoy me talking about it I came right out and told him I had thoughts of trying to get it in my ass. At first he laughed and told me I was just drunk but after awhile I was able to talk him in to it and the rest of the weekend he fucked me quite a few times and his dick was huge. Very thick 10" long and the head was like a big mushroom and difficult to take at first. I am glad no one was around because the first few times he stuck it up my ass I was screaming the whole time he fucked me and I never knew a teenager that could cum as much as he could.
I have had a lot of white guys fuck me and a few very well hung Hispanic men fuck me. Have not tried a BBC yet but enjoy watching a black man fuck a white ass with his huge black dick. My wife knows most of my past and she has accepted it with no problem. As a matter of a fact we have several strap on toys that we like to enjoy at times and she loves to fuck me when the mood strikes her.
I am now 61 years old and still enjoy sticking things in my ass getting fucked by my wife or my toys and an occasional very well hung man in a private Hotel room. My favorite position is face down legs spread with a big hard dick fucking my ass and pounding me nice and deep and taking a big hot load or two up my ass.
Only two different times in my life have I had two men at the same time. I made contact with them on Craig's List years ago. We got pretty drunk and had sex for hours and they fucked me at both ends and both came in me at the same time which was pretty damn hot. Years later I tried it again with two younger Hispanic men with huge dicks. I have had some very hot kinky wild sex with other Men and ever once in a while I will ask my cousin if he wants to try it again but he always turns me down.
I enjoy my life and I have been very successful and lead a normal life in the view of my friends and family but in private it is different and a nice big hard cock up my ass always feels very nice.


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  • I love the feeling of a nice big cock up my ass. I love the start as a big cock or dildo stretching my asspussy open and then slides into me. And I love anal orgasms even though I haven’t shot a cum load my ass has awesome orgasms.

  • Nothing feels better when it’s just going in.

  • Do you like having your little balls played with too? Do you stroke your little penis while they fuck you in the ass?

  • Damn #2 you sound hot! You are right I do enjoy just about anything in my ass and it has been a very long time since I had a hard cock in my ass. If you like we could exchange a few messages here and see how things go. I really need a good fuck I the ass and some one that can go more than once.
    I met this guy years ago thru AFF. He came to my hotel room and he was like a machine. He was a thick 8" with a nice big head that felt very good going in. He stayed most of the night and fucked me several times and gave me the best pounding. He hit it hard and deep and ha had big low hanging balls that shot some big loads. He was like me husky and muscular and friendly. Nice looking and could stay hard. I would like to give you my email so we could talk more.
    I travel often so you never know we could meet some day. do you have a nice cock. I play with toys often and just enjoy having most anything in my ass and getting fucked is something I have always liked.

  • I'm 62 and love anal sex. I would love to have your ass. I would also like to give u my ass. I'm straight but love anal. Let me know what you think and maybe we could get in touch.

  • I love anal sex. I never did anal with a man but I would love to fuck your ass because u love it so much. I would love to cum in your ass. I would lay u face down and have u spread your ass open and fuck you all night. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it. Back your ass up into my cock and tell me to fuck your ass. I love dirty talk. Tell me u love it in your ass. I would keep pounding your ass till we both cum

  • If you live in Georgia you can fuck me in the ass

  • I’m in Jersey I would love to fuck and eat your ass. Let me know

  • Dam wish you where closer dam the luck

  • Let me know if interested in exchanging email or numbers. I love phone sex and exchanging pics

  • I have been sticking things in my ass for as long as I can remember. Still the best thing is a big white dick buried deep in my black ass and being called names while I am being fucked. Best feeling when they cum in me and I put my panties back on and feel them leaking from my ass all day.

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