Fuck God

Why the fuck did God give me a five inch long dick, no bigger around than my thumb? I'm getting tired of watching porn where all the dudes have huge, pussy stretching cocks that make women scream and moan with pleasure, while I'm fucking my balls off while my woman is playing video games on her playstation, or chatting with her mother on facebook, seemingly unaware that I am even fucking her. Jesus fuck, it's fucking depressing. And fuck no, giving good head does not make up for having a small dick. Women love to have their fuck hole stretched out while their cervix is getting pounded like mike tyson's sparring partner. Sucking on her lady parts doesn't get the job done, even if she pretends that it does, she still craves a big cock. Maybe if I kill myself, I'll be reincarnated and come back as a buck knee grow with a horse cock.

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  • Maybe you would come back as a woman

  • Use a sleeve

  • Yeah, it's not Gods fault, you pencil dicked moron. Find yourself an Asian woman with a smaller pussy, or get yourself a strap-on dong. There's more important things in life than your dick.

  • Asians are just fucking dick heads anyway. Nasty slant eyed little motherfuckers.

  • Asian pussy is hot, nice and tight, till some white or colored guy gets ahold of it.

  • Asians have no dicks it's true. My roommate is Asian and his dick is like 3.5 inches and he's proud of it. Makes me laugh. My GF saw his cock and she asked if he gets many dates. He just dropped his head and walked away. I feel sorry for the little bastard but hey what can I do. Hide my big 7 inch American dick I guess.

  • LMFAO! Dude you should be mad. But probably at your fucking dad. He's probably got the same tiny little pathetic pecker. Hey what am I'm laughing at I have a 4.5 inch pecker but at least it's a lot bigger around than a thumb or finger. It's like an oil can. Oh well live is a bitch. Take care you pencil dick.

  • Not being rude or racist, but ur Asian??? Just jk :)

  • It's okay to be racist to a fucking racist, particularly one as ignorant and clueless as the OP.

  • Go suck a cock pecker wood. Lick my dirty fuck stick after I pull it out of your fucking man cunt. EAT ME BITCH! HA! HA! HA! HA! Fucker wad. I stick my coock in punks like you all the time and enjoy wiping my dirty tool on your pillow. Speaking of which I just got back from seeing Tool in Vegas a while ago. Hey the band is looking for your punk asshole for some fun tonight.

  • I don't care if you saw power tools at Walmart, you racist smegma splat ! I bet the song " Prison Sex " plays in your head 24/7 since that's all you've ever had, or, will get. BTW, they're playing at Boner Roo, too, if mommy and daddy will buy you a ticket and find you a chaperone.

  • Lol, people with little dicks are so angry. Lmfao.

  • Could be a sand nigger, them camel fuckers got small dicks too.

  • Women don't want their cervix fucked. It would be the equivalent of stuffing a dildo up your fucking urethra. Now do you think that would feel good? No, it would split your dick apart. Samething with women. Porn is bullshit, just like most the stories on this site.

  • They sell extensions for your cock. Maybe it's her not u. Try fucking her ass. Try new things.

  • I’m about 6 1/2 it seems I lost 1/2 as I aged, probably blood flow. So I purchased a 1” extension and it works great, just slip it over when you’re hard, she’ll notice and you will too!

  • Let me get my 2 bits in. You speak of your woman, no mention of wife. Are you married? I ask because most women who get married as virgins don't complain of 6 1/2 inches. That's about the size I am and have received a complaint from anyone, especially my wife. I've had several women tell me that they are well satisfied with 4 inches. I reason, I suspect, is that the GSpot is only around 2, less than 3 inches and if you concentrate on that she can't help but be satisfied. Try your finger one, put the smooth side up and feel just below her clit bone and you should discover a rough spot. I call it feeling like a washboard. Use a little pressure and rub back a forth, she'll go wild. I hope this helps! Let us know. I fucked a prostitute (whore) in Alaska once and after I finished she was beat. She told me, "You should be able to satisfy any lady. You made m cum about 10 times to your one". I've always remembered that and try my best to repeat that all the time. I haven't had any complaints yet.

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