I masturbate in my car

I love masturbating in my car in busy parking lots. I love to show my cock to older women.

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  • I've only done it in an empty parking lot or on the interstate. I would love to have someone come over and watch me, or better yet help. That's so hot

  • I came out of work ( big home improvement store ) one night and as I walked to my car I noticed a guy sitting in the car next to mine. I could see he was watching something on his phone and realized it was porn when I got next to his car I also realized he was jerking off right there in the parking lot. I stood there for a second and he looked over at me rolled the window down and asked if I would watch till he came. I don't know why but I stood there watching him stroking his cock as he asked if I liked it and wanted me to tell him he had a nice cock which I did. He kept wanting me to talk dirty and I eventually pulled my shirt up I let him see my tits . He started shooting cum everywhere almost as soon as I lifted my shirt and bra!

  • Wow. You did the right thing.

  • Fuck yes

  • This is not the same but almost. I work for Pizza Hut. This older woman did a pizza challenge or whatever it is called. She asked me if I wanted a tip or if I wanted to watch her finger herself. Then she sat on the chair spread her legs and fingered herself for about 5 or 10 minutes until she got off. Best tip ever.

  • Bro, my girlfriend did this challenge for me. She ordered pizza and answered the door totally naked. The dude like totally bugged out man. Eyes wide and mouth totally open. I don't blame him though. Her tits and pussy on display with the most standupish bodacious. Totally freakin awesome man.

  • I(33m) saw a guy beating off at a public urinal once, asked him if he needed a hand and he acted like I was the only freak. Dude stroking it in public, totally normal, other dude offers to blow him, now it's weird.

  • Wait, are you (26F) or (33m). Not many people start a comment with this, but 2 in the same comment section. Imagine that.

  • I like it, it is nice to have an idea who is posting.

  • I'm not sure that's what they were trying to say. I think they were implying it was the same person posting both comments, but I could be wrong.

  • 26, female... and 33 years old, male. Two different people.

  • No, I'm a completely different person

  • I love wearing short skirts in the summer time so I can hike them up over my thick thighs and then I finger myself to all the truckers passing by my car. I have a nice red Mustang convertible. The men go nuts. I have been followed before with them making obscene gestures with their mouths and hands. But I simply pull away leaving them behind to their own devises. Oh how I love to torment you poor fools on the highways.

  • That’s really hot. I’m a male and find that so sexy. If I was a female I would never wear panties and play with my pussy all day long

  • I (26F) was stuck in a traffic jam once when I was 19 or 20 and I was so horny I wasn't even thinking straight . I stuck my hand in my pants and played with myself, was rubbing my boobs with one hand while I fingered myself. Got myself off then was so embarassed some guy in a truck next to me just smiled and waved. Pretty sure he had watched the whole time and I was too horny to pay attention.

  • I frequently masturbate while driving. Usually on the ride home from work. Love it when someone sees me. Got quite a few thumbs up from women and men and truckers. Truckers seem to really like it!

  • Well your really a queer little wanker aren't you

  • I come out to the car from the store and this 40 something year old woman was putting her groceries in her trunk. Not even sure why I offered to help but I did. When we got done she tried to pay me but I declined. She gave me the whole "I have to give you something". I jokingly said she could give me handjob. She laughed and said "I would have done that anyway". We jumped in the front seat where she stroked me off. I got her number and we fucked a few times before she got scared that her husband would find out and stopped seeing me.

  • I got a call from this woman one time asking if I did handyman work. She had gotten my number from my sister. I stopped by her house to look at her kitchen sink. She needed a new faucet so I told her how much a new one was going to cost her and she started crying. Her husband had just left her and she had no money. I didn't know what to tell her but then she asked if I would pay for it if she slept with me. She was kinda cute so I agreed. After I got done fixing her sink she took me to her bedroom where she rode me like a wild woman. I fixed several other things in her house all for the same payment.

  • I've been lucky enough to have the same experience, or, something similar. I helped a woman with some fallen tree limbs in her yard. She invited me inside and offered me a drink. We chatted, I flirted, she warmed to me, and offered " some sort of payment ! " She was tiny, impish even, but had a wonderful ass. I asked if I could rub my cock against her bare ass. She happily agreed. took off her shorts and panties and I followed suit. I humped her ass crack until she raised up and let me penetrate her vagina from behind. Before I came, I pulled out and shot it over those twin globes. We met a few more times for other sexual escapades, then, I moved far away. She was so open, and so much fun ! A shame we were both married.

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