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So I admit it, I tried sucking another guys cock and I really liked it! I was having drinks with a coworker and eventually the topic turned to sex. And it also came up that I wasn’t getting any at home anymore. Then he asked if I had ever sucked or been sucked off by another guy, which I replied “Hell no” He then told me it is more common than you think. Later on he offered to suck me off, so I let him. He was really good and I only lasted a few minutes. A few weeks later we were out and I asked him if he would suck me off again. This time I guess I felt obligated to at least try to return the favor. It was not bad at all. It really seemed kinda normal. I really like watching his expressions as I suck his cock. It’s kinda like I have this power over him! After that second time we get together quite often. It’s so easy with another guy. No bullshit, you both know what you want and just go for it.
I have to think that there are more men that you would think that have this kind of friendship with another guy. Are you one of them?

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  • My best friend and I were young and very horny in Jr. High We both wanted sex so bed that we tried taking care of each other one day after school. We couldn't take it any longer and cut thru the woods on the way home and found a very private spot to suck each others dick for the first time ever.
    We sucked each other off and it was easy and felt good both sucking and getting sucked. Neither of us swallowed but did get a small taste of each others cum. Every day for the next two weeks we sucked each other off at least once a day and it didn't take us long to start swallowing each others cum and that made it even better.
    Weeks later after him asking me countless times I let him try to fuck me and it was really good after he got his dick in me. It hurt at first but once he was all the way in and he started to fuck me we both got excited and he never even tried to pull out and when he came in my ass I wasted no time asking him to fuck me some more.
    After that he and I had great sex for several years. We are much older now but he knows that should he ever get the urge to do it again I am more than ready.

  • I had a similar experience with a friend and we sucked each other almost daily from the first time we started when we got to high school we found girlfriends and after having sex with her numerous time I found out I prefer sex with men so I became a cock sucking bottom and always looking to get both my holes filled with cum. I am addicted to cock

  • Great post. I would love to meet a married guy who wants to be suck buddies. Would be so hot.

  • Totally agree

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