Girlfriend loves guy on guy porn

My girlfriend and i are both 20 . She likes guy on guy porn. She'l say oh Brian look at this or look at that. She comments boy i'd like to see you suck on a cock or have yours sucked .
Im fucked i think . Never really thought about sucking a cock, but would most likely let a guy suck me for her
Any thoughts without bashing ?

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  • I dated a gal a few years back who was a typical gold-digger, but one helluva cum dump! One night I tied her to a kitchen-chair and put her before the television. I then put on a porn video of one guy fucking another up the ass. It excited her so much that she orgasmed without any stimulation of her cunt. While her body was still twitching she was actually begging me "please fuck me, I need your cock, please put it in me wherever you want." I put a sofa cushion on the floor then tipped her back, chair and all, so her head was over the edge of the cushion then fucked her throat abusively, and she loved it enough that she came again!

    This gal could suck-start a Harley and let me fuck her whenever and wherever I wanted. It was awesome! But when we weren't fucking she was a lying, conniving bitch. One night after fucking her ass real good I dumped her. Yes I missed the unlimited fucking, but that was the only part of that relationship that was good.

    As for sucking cock, it's not at all bad, and fucking a guy's ass really isn't that much different than fucking a woman's ass except their's look better. And as for getting your ass fucked, give a go, it feels good.

  • That shit isn't for me

  • I would do it if she was into it. Doesn’t make you gay. It might be a lot of fun. I would love to try something new like that. I would love to fuck a man in his ass as my wife licks my cock going in and out of his ass.

  • Do what you are comfortable doing . If the thought of being sucked off by a guy or sucking another guy off turns you on then go for it but don't just do it because your girlfriend wants you too.
    A few years ago my husband began asking if we could have a threesome. I was like "no way are we bringing another woman into our bedroom!" He then told me he wanted it to be with another man, "for my pleasure." We talked about it for months before I finally agreed making sure that he understood there was no going back after that fact.
    The big night arrived , my husband had set everything up and we sat having drinks before moving into the bedroom. They both stripped me and were playing with me , everything was as you would normally picture it until they got undressed. They were on either side of me kissing my tits ,rubbing between my legs when the guy moved down between my legs. He started eating me , I was definitely enjoying it when my husband suddenly stiffens up and whispers that the guy just grabbed his cock. It took a second to realize what he said but it was a turn on for me and I wanted to see. My husband started pushing his hand way and stopped him telling him I liked that another man was touching his cock. He let it continue until the guy asked if he could fuck me . So now I'm on my back getting fucked and trying to suck my husband's cock . The guy fucking me keeps kissing getting closer to my lips and husband's cock before he just starts licking his dick. Surprisingly my very "straight" husband didn't pull back at all when this guy started to give him a full on blowjob. It was a huge turn on for me to see him getting sucked off by another man.

  • Yep it is for the guy also

  • That is so hot .

  • A number of years back I dated a woman who liked watching guy on guy porn. I was at her place one time and she said let's watch a porno. I said ok! It turned out to be two guys and then a third came in. The video belonged to her roommate. I think alot of women like guy on guy. If she is encouraging you to suck a guy and your into it go for it! My current gf is cool with me stroking other guys off.

  • My biggest fantasy is to find a woman like yours. The thought of a woman encouraging me to suck a big cock is the hottest thing I can think of

  • I would love to have you suck me in front of your wife

  • I heard women like to see guy on guy like we like to see girl on girl. I don't know about that. I would probably do it for her. I love to try new things. I don't think I would suck cock but maybe fuck his ass.

  • It could just be a kink of hers, but it also could be something that she really wants to see happen. Maybe find a bi guy so she can see you get your dick sucked while maybe getting a piece of him too.

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