Nude modeling slut?

I'm dating this new girl from work. She is really nice and we're both in our late 20's. We both work as accountants. We've been together for about a month and have gotten to know each other pretty well. Without a doubt I have strong feelings of love for her. I hope to get married one day soon, and she has been a contender.

We were talking about past jobs that we've had and she mentioned that she was a model while in college. That made sense, as she is beautiful. I asked her if she had any pictures, and she tried to change the subject. I persisted, thinking that she did fashion modeling, but she finally admitted it was nude modeling. I said that was no big deal, but I still wanted to see some pics as I was curious. She said that she couldn't do that, as I wouldn't want to see them, but actually that just made me want to see them more. She said "Are you sure?" and I said yes.

She brought out an album with some pics of her photo shoots. There weren't many pictures, maybe 70 or so. 98% of them were her posing nude, and she looked really nice. The pics were tastefully done and pretty artsy. I didn't have a problem with them. It was the other 2% that upset me. There were a few of her nude posing with a nude male model, and they were borderline porn pics, with the guy's dick hard and shit. One pic was of her with her mouth on his cock, and another was her straddling the guy reverse cowgirl with just the very tip of his dick in her pussy. There was another with them in missionary position, again with only maybe an inch of his dick inside her. She said she did them for an adult Czech magazine, but she never ever did any other photo shoots with male models.

I asked her if she sucked and fucked that guy during that photo shoot, and she said that she didn't, that they were just posing for the camera. I said "His dick is in your pussy. That is fucking." She said it wasn't and that they never fucked. She said that she never lowered herself down on him all the way, and that he only put the tip of his dick in for the pictures and "he took it out immediately after the photographer snapped the pics." I asked about the blowjob pic, and she said she didn't give him a blowjob, but just posed with her mouth over his dick to get the picture. She said she didn't even suck or lick, that it was just "mouth on, pic taken, and immediately mouth off." She is adamant that there was no sex going on, and that it was just modeling with a partner.

I don't have a problem with the solo nude pics, but the few with that dude have me a bit shaken. There is no way imo that she didn't fuck that guy in that photo shoot, and that she is likely lying about it makes me really, really mad. I don't know if I can handle being with a lying slut, which is too bad, because I was beginning to think that she was perfect. If she would just admit that she fucked the guy, I'd be okay with it.

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  • You're a Dumbass!!!!

  • It's not a big deal and she got paid to do. I know of 3 college girls who did worse for free. They were at a bachelorette party, they got naked themselves and took turns taking pictures of the strippers big dick in their mouths.
    They called it a faux blowjob, "only sucked him enough to keep him hard and for the picture." And I call the quoted girl wife. 'You probably find out about this someday, LOOK at this." That's Photo Shop, right? "Nope -- That's me. "
    The good thing she has the only copies and we're 1,000 miles away.

  • Dude, she was acting. Do you think she liked being in a room with a group of guys with cameras? If the model put it in her a little, she sure as hell did it for the picture and money, not because she was in the mood.

  • You're not even going with her, so what if she did -- I know my wife sowed her wild oats in college, it's expected -- it's in her rear view mirror. Her College Yearbook photo -- she has once exactly like that but topless. I think its pretty cool. She was the last taken that day -- it was just her and the photographer and he was flirting to get a nice smile. He said you'll never look this good - want to a topless shot -- free, my treat to history. I'm like he probably made copies -- and she said I'm sure he did -- so what -- It's not porn --

  • Dude don't get butt hurt over this. Guys have some fragile egos FFS

  • Know what your thinking and have to agree with you here. I'm a guy that did nude modeling in university in the art department of a neighboring all girl school, all the while with steady a girlfriend who never saw me model or any of the prints. While I always thought I'd get lucky at one of these sessions nothing ever happened. Just as well as not since the girlfriend always took care of me and I mean always! No way could I have lied my way through a relationship if it had happened and I was asked so I have to feel lucky about that today. More than anything her logic is what strikes me odd. Simply put, penis in vagina is fucking and mouth on cock is oral sex, ie. face fucking no doubt about it. She may be trying to rationalize things in her own way. Kind of like Bill Clinton did when the Monica Lewinsky thing hit the fan ( " I did not have sex with that woman"). If I'm you we're going to have a lot to talk about and work through if this relationship is going to continue. Not because of the modeling, not because sexual past (and she was fucking) but because of her mindset. Like other have said, the choice is yours

  • If she just put her mouth on a dick for a 5 second photo -- it's not sex or a blowjob. It's acting.
    Even if it was full blown one time porn for money -- so what -- but it wasn't. Don't be so judgemental,

  • We all have a past, get over yourself dude

  • Her previous experiences have made her the girl she is today - the one you fell for. Leave it be and look to future not the past.

  • U don’t want to know the truth. Let it go. I would look at those pics and jerk

  • Entitled man boy get over yourself. She was open and honest and her past is her past. You dont own her and never wil!

  • She was upfront about her past work and when you asked to see the pictures she showed them to you. Why would she like about having sex with the other model after all of that? And even if she did, what does it matter? It's all in the past and she's with you now not him. So get over it and be happy with her. Or dump her and be miserable. Choice is yours dude.

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