Catching little brother sniffing my panties

I could not beleive that my own little brother was laying naked on my bed with a pair of my black silk panties wrapped around his very hard cock with another pair of my white lace dirty panties over his face sniffing them while wanking off.
At first I was just so shocked to find him sniffing his own sisters dirty panties. Then I was shocked at the size of my little brothers big hard cock. He was moaning and saying mmm sis your pussy smells so good im gonna cum in your silky panties.
But what shocked me the most was I was very turned on and I was making the blue lace thong I was wearing very very wet and sticky.
I made myself known and he nearly died of shock a d embarrassment. Wait till mum finds out you have been sniffing my dirty panties you perv.
No please don't he pleaded.
How long have you been using my dirty undies I asked him. He said for years which again shocked me why I said. Cause your panties smell so good he said which made me blush.
But your my brother I told him. I know sorry he said.
I didn't realise your cock so was big little brother. Show me it again i said. He then took his hands away ans showed me his semi hard on
Why don't you carry on I said it can be our little secret I said.
He started to stroke his cock again and it soon became rock hard again. I told him he had a nice cock and he told me I had a nice smelling pussy. He then lifted my dirty panties back to his face and started to sniff them again. How do they smell I asked and he said lovely and musky.
What colour panties are you wearing now he asked. I lifted up my skirt and showed him my pale blue lace thong he smiled and said that he had sniffed them many times while wanking.
How would you like to sniff them niw I asked and pushed him on his back and straddled his chest and just sat right down on my own little brothers face and started to grind my panty clad pussy all o er his face it didnt take me long to cum.
But then our mum came home and we had to soet ourselves out. I gave him my very creamy sticky pa ties and told him to sniff and lick these till he cums. We now do this most days. Very hot.


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  • I am sniffing a pair of my older sisters dirty pink cotton panties right now.
    They are always so musky. mmmmm so tangy when I lick her dried crispy juices until they become sticky again and so that I can actually taste my own sisters pussy juices.
    But the best time is right in the morning when she has shower and has worn the panties all day the day before and all night in bed. Getting hot and sweaty soaking up all her secretions.
    As soon as she goes in the bathroom I head straight for her bedroom knowing her very warm and moist dirty panties will be lying on the floor ready for me to bury my face right into her dirty crotch to sniff and lick the warm sticky, salty taste of vagina and just a hint of pee.
    I take deep sniffs and picture her wet vagina sitting right on my face while I jerk off. It does not take me long at all and with one last deep sniff while licking all her girl juices from her panties I then hold her gusset over my cock and pump my hot spunk right into her panties and then place them back on the floor where I found them.
    I wonder if she knows?
    Who else does something similar or knows their brother does it?
    Happy sniffing.

  • I love to sniff my older sisters dirty panties every day while I wank off. I am sniffing a pair of her dark blue lace thongs she wore all day yesterday and in bed all night, they smell so good I would love to lick her out for real.
    anyone else sniff their sisters dirty panties while wanking?

  • I sniffed my sisters worn panties and licked her wet stains tasted so good id cum so hard

  • I used to sniff my older sister's panties all the time.

  • So hot I started with my sisters silk panties at the age of 12 it was so hot and I have to say my sister's dirty panties was the very best I have ever sniffed I was so in love with her sent

  • You might want to spank your brother while stroking his cock after you ride his face. Then ride his face again with your ass.

  • I wish my sister would do that!

  • You're the best sister ever. 😋

  • So which is it, are you the mother or the sister? Make up your fucking mind.

  • She's the sister... can't you read?

  • So hot!

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