My Senior Whore

Recently I acquired a relationship with Roxy a 76 yr. sex slut. I did her a favor as kindness from my heart a while back knowing she's on a fix income. She got my phone number from a person I use to have a relationship with. I just turned 68 and it has been a while since I've been with a woman. Roxy had what appeared to be very long saggy breasts that was held up by her bra. She was so-so looking for her age.
She invited me over for coffee and cake and to talk a bit about my handyman skills. She had an overcoat robe on while serving me coffee. She explained what needed to be done at her house. She gotten a couple of estimates from professionals and couldn't afford them. Roxy asked if I was seeing anyone and I told her "No". "Too bad, for a nice handsome person that you are!" she said to me.
While she poured me coffee her robe opened up and I saw her hanging tits. She placed the coffee pot on the counter and pulled out one tit as she headed towards me and fed it to me. "I know you want to suck it Jon, because I bet it's been some time since you been with someone." I grabbed it with both of my hands and pushed it into my mouth. "I can help you if you help me babe." Roxy said.
She led me into the bedroom and undressed me. "Nice package there sweetie!" She stood behind me stroking my stiffy and pulling at my balls. I took one hand and started to finger her hairy snatch. I turned around and lifted each of her tit with the extended nipples on the ends of her breasts and sucked them. She took my cock and rubbed her snatch with it. Precum was on it's tip. She went down to lick it while wrapping her tits around my dick. To my surprise she opened her mouth and said, "Unload that heavy load you been carrying around." It was a big load, shot it all over her.
Roxy surprised me with her skill and talents. For an old bag she was a pro. The best thing about her, she doesn't mind bondage activity.

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  • Love saggy tits

  • I am in my forties and have received quite a few sexual favors from older women for repairing things around their house. I have one who calls me pretty regular just to come over and have sex.

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