Bestiality isn't fucked up enough, apparently

So, first thing first; new here. Please be gentle. Second, as you can tell from my username, I'm a deeply fucked up individual. I'm a bisex male, I'm primarily into male dogs, but I'll also hook up with a female. I've seen too many vids of guys fucking dogs for that to ever be my primary interest, not judging, I'm sure there are plenty of dogs who enjoy catching but in the movies they never seem to. I would much rather play a power bottom and suck a dogs cock. Anyway, my point. I watch neighbor dogs in the area on occasion, and as such I've sucked off and taken it up the ass from many of the dogs in my neighborhood. I love being submissive to a dog. Last month, I'd just gotten done playing with this beautiful boxer mix in their family bathroom(that's where I usually do this stuff, easy-clean surfaces, and if you do it I'm the tub you've even got a drain right there in the floor). I got my breath back, and he told me he needed to go outside to do his business. Don't ask me what possessed me at that moment, I've been into this on my own but I've never tried it with a dog: when he started peeing, I stuck my head under his belly and got him to piss on my face. I drank it, soaked my hair in it, gargled, and licked the tip of his cock clean when I was done. Thankfully the house is kind of secluded, their nearest neighbors were nowhere in sight and there wasn't any traffic, but I wasn't thinking that when I did it. There could've been a news crew broadcasting live and I think I would've done the same thing. In case you've never tried it, doggy watersports is AMAZING, the taste is great and the sensation really drives home the message of just what you are: his property. Hottest experience of my entire life, 10/10, will do again.



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  • I've had dog dick in my ass three times in my life and sucked a dozen more maybe. Those boys can fill me with a hot load like a man can. I like stroking and sucking them first to get them horny and then get down on my hands and knees naked so they can mount me like the bitch I am. When they put that hot wet rough tongue in my ass hole and all over my cock and balls, who can resist just letting them have their way with you? I've only tried to fuck a female dog once and it is not easy they only want it when they're in heat and will snap at your cock if not careful. Just like any woman.

  • I've never understood how anyone could want an animal over a human female. I must have tits to grab hold of when I'm fucking her doggy or she's riding me cowgirl.

  • Been fucked by an uncle's dog several times, don't knock it if you haven't tried it. I rejected his advances as a young teen (boy) so he forced me to do it with the dog for punishment once, went back and did it a few more times on my own without him knowing cause it felt that good. Kinda liked it really, the doggy cock fit my asshole better than his would have.

  • *shrugs* for some people it's a fetish(same mentality as anal- "nice girls don't do this, and who wants to be a nice girl?"), personally I like how the only people who know my fucked up sexual shit can't tell the normal people I know. Some people, it's a question of accessibility; if you can't make it to your local hookup spot for a one night stand, why not spot?

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