Sex with my cousin

My 26 yr old female cousin moved in with me male (23) and my mom in our apt. My mom is hardley ever here, but my question is, how can I seduce or convince my cousin to have s** with me???? Im just afraid if i try anything she'll get freaked out and want to move out. Any tips?

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  • Just get her drunk until she's passed out than fuck her

  • Start taking her out on dates. Be very complimentary and flirty.

  • Pull her pants down when she's sleeping and just stick your cock in her pussy, wake her up like that. Bitches love it.

  • Put sleeping pills in your cousins drink. When she's fast asleep, wear a condom and fuck her any way you want. She won't have any cum remains in her pussy or stains on her sheets, or panties. Also there won't be the smell of semen to give you away. She'll never know. Don't try anything when she's awake, she'll get freaked out and want to move out.

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