Discovered I’m into beastiality

One day I came upon a video that showed a dog mounting and humping a girl. I don’t think I’m turned on by the dogs themselves. It was more seeing a woman getting on all fours, willing and able to do whatever it takes for a forbidden pleasure. That’s the turn on for me. I know there’s other people that are in to this fetish. I’d like to know if you’re in to it for the same reason as me or if there’s other reasons why you’re in to it.

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  • I got into dog porn initially because the whole thing looked so submissive on the part of whoever's getting dick, it made me hot; the idea that she's just being used as a cumdump, and the dog always looks so dismissive after, like, thanks bitch, I'll call you... Just gets me hard. I'm a bisexual guy btw. More recently, though, I've noticed myself staring more and more at the dog's dick, they're just so hypnotically beautiful. I suck off every unfixed dog I can get five minutes alone with now, I love everything about dog cock.

  • My wife is the same way...

  • I came across one of those sites some years ago so I decide to take a peek.
    That site loaded my PC up with all kinds of malware and bullshit. Worthless POS windows antivirus! In the end my I.T. guy had to go through my machine.
    That was awkward.

  • It is so taboo. But seeing that dog knott and cum come out a pussy is a turn on, nasty but a turn on just the same. Now when i walk in the park and see a hot woman walking a dog, well you know what i am thinking of.

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