2 Months of being in a Long Distance Turns Wife into a Slut

I’ll make this quick. I have a 6 month over seas work assignment. The first few weeks were good. A lot of phone sex and naughty pics. A week later I hear from a woman who I know and only knows my wife from brief introductions at restaurants and bars. Anyhow she sends me a text and say “Hey. Ummm I think I should send you a pic but I don’t know how you’ll take it.” I respond an hour later after I see the text; “What is it!?!!” The text arrives. It’s a pic of my wife in a very short dress with her arms around another guy. Then another text; my wife has her tongue down this guys throat and she’s grabbing the front of his pants (by his cock). I send her repeated texts asking what, where, when, who... We text back and forth and she offers to follow her. 5 dates in 7 days!!! 3 nights the guys stays until at least midnight or over night. Turns out my wife is fucking 3 different. I’m 36 and she’s 29. Two younger and one older man. This kills me. I know the guy. It was the security cop at her job. He’s 50 and not that it matters but a black guy. The two younger ones are like 22 and 24.

What should I do?

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  • Dude this sucks. Especially cuz your not here to confront her. Have you talked to her? What made her turn into such a slut? Was she a slut before you met? Damn a 50yo hitting your wofe. You now she was getting fucked by him before right? I meen she new him before.

  • I did confront her. She told me my friend was lying!! Until I showed her the pics. Then she said it was no big deal. She’s just hanging out with these guys and yes she did kiss one guy and she’s sorry. Then I asked how long she had been fucking the 50yo. We argued a lot!! Lots of yelling until she finally yelled / screamed I never stopped. He fucked me on the first day I met him years before I knew you!!! Everyday I worked he fucked me!! He’s a real man who knows how to fuck this woman!!! I was screaming now too. I screamed did he fuck you on our wedding day too?!!!! She said NO! But he fucker her the night before and she probably still had his cum in her when she walked down the isle. I called her a bbc slut and hung up. I contacted a lawyer and the divorce papers are being written up as I write this.

  • Get a private eye so you can have evidence at the divorce trial

  • My wife went on a vacation with her girlfriends. She's 45, married 20 years.
    She used my carry on bag. Next time I use it I find a 6 pack of condoms, 2 left, in the pocket. Dumb ass. I always thought they put out there. Now I know. And actually I no longer feel guilty for my sex buddy -- an old girlfriend about twice a year. I say I'm going fishing, fishing my dick up her pussy.

  • Does she know you know? Sweet you have a FWB!! I need one now!!!

    Now I know what she and her friend did on all those girl weekends I paid for!!! Fucking slut was getting fucked by probably anyone with a cock bigger than 7”. The best thing (yeah right) about my soon to be ex wifey is she claims to be allergic to latex and rubber so anyone who has ever fucked her did it bareback!!!

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