2 Months of being in a Long Distance Turns Wife into a Slut

I’ll make this quick. I have a 6 month over seas work assignment. The first few weeks were good. A lot of phone sex and naughty pics. A week later I hear from a woman who I know and only knows my wife from brief introductions at restaurants and bars. Anyhow she sends me a text and say “Hey. Ummm I think I should send you a pic but I don’t know how you’ll take it.” I respond an hour later after I see the text; “What is it!?!!” The text arrives. It’s a pic of my wife in a very short dress with her arms around another guy. Then another text; my wife has her tongue down this guys throat and she’s grabbing the front of his pants (by his cock). I send her repeated texts asking what, where, when, who... We text back and forth and she offers to follow her. 5 dates in 7 days!!! 3 nights the guys stays until at least midnight or over night. Turns out my wife is fucking 3 different. I’m 36 and she’s 29. Two younger and one older man. This kills me. I know the guy. It was the security cop at her job. He’s 50 and not that it matters but a black guy. The two younger ones are like 22 and 24.

What should I do?

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  • Get a private eye so you can have evidence at the divorce trial

  • My wife went on a vacation with her girlfriends. She's 45, married 20 years.
    She used my carry on bag. Next time I use it I find a 6 pack of condoms, 2 left, in the pocket. Dumb ass. I always thought they put out there. Now I know. And actually I no longer feel guilty for my sex buddy -- an old girlfriend about twice a year. I say I'm going fishing, fishing my dick up her pussy.

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