Tiny Dicks, Great Asses

I'm a married, bi-sexual male, and several years ago I attended a male only night at a local dungeon. My wife had plans of her own, and wished me well, and to "be careful". I dressed in stylish, but, conservative black and grey clothing. The only toy I took was a lead-loaded pig slapper, which, I left in the car upon arriving at the repurposed industrial play space. The usual crop of leather daddies, bears, and slave whip meat milled about. Floggings, tit torture and paddlings were happening all around. Dark industrial dance music pounded, punctuated by a bullwhip crack. I wandered around, and found myself at the "medical room", a mock up exam room. Two men were playing.

One man looked like a Smurf, pot belly, and bald. The other, examining him, was much younger, slender and dark haired, possibly latino. Papa Smurf was naked, and had what can only be described as a micro-penis. It was smaller than a cocktail weenie. His balls were normal. Pretty boy put a stethoscope to Papa Smurf's balls. "Oooooo, that's cold ! " PS whimpered. Pretty boy smiled. I smiled, then, yawned. Their play wasn't much more interesting than kids playing doctor. I wanted to see somebody get hurt. It didn't happen, not then, anyway.

I chatted with them in the snack area. They were nice enough, and also identified as bi. They knew quite a few of the people there. PS asked me, " What do you want tonight ? " I shrugged, saying, " To whip and fuck some ass, " figuring honesty being best. There was no fucking allowed so, they invited me back to their room at a nearby motel.

They shouldn't have let me tie them both at the same time. Tactical error. I hog-tied PS and calf-tied Marc, the latino. He had a tiny penis too, sort of normal diameter, but not much over three inches totally erect. What both had were GREAT asses. I fetched my pig slapper from the car, and marked up both PS's hairy ass, and Marc's smooth girlish one. I had to ball gag one, and jockey gag the other, so piteous were their screams. I used their biggest dildo on both of them to more cries of protest and pain. My cock got rock hard, so, I undressed and stroked it inches from their faces.

Properly stretched I pulled on a condom and fucked Marc first. He moaned like a bitch, so, I rammed him harder. He acted scared, his eyes widening, and it excited me to the point of orgasm. I pulled off the condom and dumped the contents on his face. Then, I whipped both of them until I was ready for round two.

PS I fucked long and hard, snatching out ass hairs as I pounded. He cried and drooled around the ball gag. I paused fucking PS, and ungagged Marc, sticking my cock in his willing mouth. He sucked greedily. I have a normal size cock, but, felt like a giant around these two. Before I came again, I removed the condom and shot on Marc's handsome face. Sated, I dressed and finally untied them both. They wanted to shoot their wads, but, I just laughed and told them I'd watch. They frowned and grumbled and I took them to breakfast as a consolation. We managed to remain friends.

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