Pissing love

Fucking my wife after a long night out drinking, she began to pee on me. Luckily we were in the kitchen and I was fucking her standing up.
Even so, she drenched me and my trousers which were around my ankles.
She hated that she'd done it, but I was so turned on, I swear my cock hardened like steel and I fucked her like a crazy sex starved guy.
Even though I made her orgasm twice with my power fucking, she told me the next morning, she was embarrassed and didn't want it to happen again.
However I had already decided I'd love to experience it again.
A few weeks later, asking my wife if she'd pee on me to get me ultra horny again, she blew me out saying "No fucking chance".
It was then I made up my mind. I text a female colleague of mine, someone who I knew had the hots for me. I'd spoken to her about the pissing incident in the kitchen, and she'd mentioned she'd have loved it.
We'd flirted like that for some time, but she wasn't really my type, being an older woman.
Her response to my text was "I'm free, call by".
It was absolutely amazing. She not only pissed on me during sex, but afterwards in her bath, peeing all over my face and body.
It was so beautiful and so much of a turn on, I swear I fucked her to four orgasms, one after another, making her pee on me again as she leaned over her bath tub.
It's now become a weekly thing between us. Nothing set in stone, but something we both enjoy and the kinky sex just gets better and better.
She's even gotten me to drink down some of her golden pee, something I thought I'd never do in my life.

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  • Golden showers are great. My ex was an alcoholic, and when she got really drunk she would piss all over herself, so I always fucked her when she was drunk, and she'd piss all over my cock and my face when I ate her pussy. She would never pee on me when she was sober, so I got her drunk every night. Unfortunately, her drinking got out of control, she went to rehab, and she was no longer fun when sober, so I divorced her.

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