Younger Cousins Ass // Part 1

When I was 18 I started to notice my younger cousin growing a sexy ass and for an 8 year old it was nice. I would punch it and slap it for fun when we’d play around together but I always wanted to see her naked to see her bare ass to really grip it, and have a good feel of it. One day there was a family party and everyone was drinking and it started to get late so my younger cousin went to bed, an hour past and I decided to also go to bed. I laid down next to her as she slept and I decided to touch her ass and massage it, it felt so good and soft I couldn’t stop touching it. I started to get hard as a rock I started stroking myself and touching it at the same time. I heard someone coming up and into the room and it was my drunk aunt (her mom) she laid down and slept instantly and it’s was be side my younger cousin. And I was still hard and if your wondering where my cousin got her ass from it was her Mom, so as she laid there drunk asleep I started touching her ass to and even rubbed my cock on it she didn’t move a bit. I was so happy to kill 2 birds with one stone, I stopped and laid there still hard as a rock then someone came and woke up my aunt so my aunt left the room and went downstairs. So it was just my younger cousin I was so hard and had to keep going she had her pj shorts on so I pulled them down and stared rubbing my cock in between her little sexy ass then her sleeping body moved. She turned around with her facing me so I moved her little cute undies and there was her small tight amazing smelling pussy. I couldn’t help but start eating her out it was the best thing I have ever tasted in my life, she started moving a bit and it seemed like she liked it I even took some pictures with her and even videos sadly I have now lost them. Then I finally started to rub my cock on her little pussy but didn’t go in so I stuck one finger in her and she started moving so then I eventually stopped and left it at that. I never got to cum but it was the best feeling in the world and couldn’t stopped there so I went to bed and left more for another day... continues in “Younger Cousins Ass // Part 2”


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  • I had a similar experience when I was younger with my sleeping little cousin once. I stayed up all night playing with her butt. I was exhausted tired the next day but it was worth it for that sweet little girl booty!

  • Wow !!

  • Too young

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