Sex with my Mexican hunk

Hi guys. So this is a real story of me and my best friend. I just turned 18. Enjoy :)

I had just started university but I was short on money. I planned just to stay with my parents, as I couldn't afford my own accommodation, but my uni was too far away from their house and that meant that everyday I would be spending a lot of money on transport. My best friend Mateo was three years older than me, he was my neighbour when I still lived with my parents. He was Mexican and had beautiful green eyes, smooth tanned skin and a six pack from all the sports he did. As he was older and had finished uni and had a job already he had enough money for his own flat and car. His flat was in walking distance to my uni. I told him about my problem and he immediately invited me to stay with him. I accepted and moved in with him.

He drove me to him flat and opened the door. I had been their many times, we were super close and had been friends since secondary school when he first moved next door to me. I walked in I suddenly realised he only had one bedroom with a king sized bed. He was single at the moment but still found double beds more comfortable.
'Wait, where will I sleep',I asked him.
He pointed to his bedroom door and I blushed at the thought of sleeping with him. 'I'll sleep on the sofa.'
I suddenly felt stupid for thinking we would sleep together- he was my friend- and I didn't think it was right that he was sleep uncomfortably on the sofa.
'No, that's not right, Mateo. It's your room', I said as I placed my belongings on the sofa. He smiled and picked me up. I screamed with laughter and told him to put me down. He was taller and stronger than me and put me down in his bedroom. 'No, you're sleeping in here, I couldn't possibly-', I began.
'Yes, you could', he finished for me. This argument went on for a while and he finally said nonchalantly ; 'I guess we're both sleeping in here than.'
I imagined us both on his bed, and I knew at that moment all I wanted was his juicy dick in me. I felt my pussy become wet at the thought of that. Maybe he wanted to sleep with me too.

That night I couldn't sleep. I looked over at his beautiful muscled body sleeping. He looked so hot and I wondered if he slept with clothes on. I slowly lifted the cover that lay over his dick. I gasped with shock as I looked down on his naked dick. I wanted to touch him so bad, but I remembered that he didn't want me, or he would of told me by now. Mateo was a confident guy and always said what was on his mind. I decided to go back to sleep.

The next night we went out to a club with some friends. Mateo drove us there. All night long I couldn't stop thinking of his naked body and thick dick.
I tried to drown out those thoughts with alcohol and ended up getting drunk. Mateo saw the state I was in and decided to drive us back home.
When we were in the car he asked me ' How much did you drink', with a small laugh.
'Too much', I replied. With all the alcohol I had I wasn't thinking straight so when I looked down at his dick and saw a bulge I couldn't stop myself.
I reached over to his thigh and, watching him, my fingers traced and teased until they brushed over the crotch of his jeans. He pressed my hand down onto the hardness there.
We didn't make it to his flat. Instead we pulled into the car park by the woods and killed the lights. Within seconds, I'd kicked off my jeans and straddled him, pushing him far inside my wet pussy, grinding against his naked body. Mateo pushed my T-shirt and bra up, his eyes glazed and breath heavy, I slid one hand down to touch my boobs and caress each nipple as I fucked him.
'Jesus, babe', Mateo groaned between laboured breaths . I was lost in the sensation, as I rode him and worked myself, feeling him getting harder as he fought the urge to cum, I moaned loud and hard. Finally I collapsed on his shoulder and it was his turn to cry out, and pound his hard, wet dick into me with his last thrusts. We both came at the same time. He licked up all the cum with his tongue and turned his head towards mine. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, and the warm, wet sensation rushing in her pussy. I felt the cum slide over into my mouth. He moved his mouth away a little. 'Swallow', he commanded. And I did. We smiled and giggled at each other.
When we got back home we did it again. It was quieter this time. Gentle. Lovemaking.

We continued to have sex today. We bought a bigger house and he is still me best friend but also my husband. I love him.

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