Crossdresser gangbang

Well got invited to a party last night so got all clean up inside and out put my thongs pantyhose bra and a dress on and waited on my ride to pick me up so he gets here and we go to the party and walk in and there is about 10 guys and no other crossdressers and I am thinking gangbang and I was the only bitch there so after introducings the guys got undressed. And I was put in the middle of the room on my kneesand cocks were going in and Upton my mouth and one guy laid down on the floor and pulled me on top of him and put his cock up my ass and then another guy come from behind me put his cock in my ass too so I was getting fucked with two cocks in my ass and one in my mouth this went on for many hours I have so much cum in me I didn't think it was possible but it true and my mouth is so sore I can barely talk and my asshole hurts so bad these guys fucked me over and over I don't know if I am going to work tomorrow I am so sore I can't wait to do it again I love being a crossdresser and being and bunch of men's bitch I love dick so until next time everyone

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