Holiday sex

I've heard many reasons and excuses why us women cheat on our husbands.
From "He's not interested in sex anymore" to more obscure ones like "If I didn't have sex with him, we'd not get the oven included with the kitchen deal".
Mine was simple.
His cock measures ten inches, he's nineteen and he looks amazing.
The young man I'm talking about is an apprentice of my husband's company and I'm the person who interviewed him.
It was a case of "Fuck me with that monster cock I've heard about, and the jobs yours".
My husband was out in the vehicle yard when I was sucking on Billy's massive penis. And his decision to say 'yes' had had my pussy and asshole craving for what I'd previously been told was a rolling pin sized manhood.
With my panties on the floor and my skirt hitched up, I leaned over my husband's office desk and covered my mouth as Billy eased that huge cock of his up my pussy from behind.
There was no pretense, no bullshit excuse from me. It was pure lust and I wanted fucking by a cock that is double the size of my husband's.
Billy did not disappoint me in any way. Not only is his cock super large, but he knows how to fuck a woman, and fuck her for as long as she needs.
That first time though was hurried, as I obviously didn't want to get caught. Telling Billy beforehand he'd have to fuck me quickly, yet hard. He did just that making me climax quickly before I took his cum all over my butt cheeks.
The job now safely his, I let him know part of his daily duties would be to keep me happy.
He fucks me at the business, at a motel, in my car and when my husband does his two day monthly business trip, I have Billy stay over at our home.
Nearly eighteen months on, and Billy is very much keeping this thirty eight year old's, mouth, pussy and asshole more than happy.
And there's no misunderstanding or weird excuse as to why he's plugging my holes with that beautiful cock of his. Its because I can have him and I've always cheated on my rich husband, of whom I'm a pretty woman on his arm.

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  • My only infidelity 40 years ago. Just married 23, I was on call till Noon on a July Sat. I have to go in at the last minute -- it can't wait till Monday -- a client had a fender bender and he's just passing through. We're were going to friend's clam bake and I'm dressed pretty slutty to be going into the office. He's 19 and HOT -- I have a halter top on (not for long) and he's staring at my tits. I doing his paper work and he's upset about his accident -- so I flirt with him. Done with the work - we're only ones in the big office -- the size of a basketball court with 20 desks about. It's sort of a blur but we're making out and now I'm naked. I unzip him 'maybe ill give him a little blowjob -- I'm a company girl -- aim to please' Before I know it he's fucking me on my desk. I still think back on 'how the fuck did that happen' -- I'm such a happy, loyal Stepford Wife.

  • My Christmassy panties under my cute short Elf's skirt sees lots of attention at the Christmas parties we attend.

  • Holiday sex is fun especially when you get your best friend who's married to a tiny dicked man laid by a huge black monster cock.

  • I'm an American girl and several years ago when I was 22 and travelling in Europe I hooked up with a young married British couple( she 24,him 27) in the south of France.We were drinking and chatting,well me and the husband were drinking.But they revealed that she was pregnant,not that far gone.Anyway they invited me to their hotel room and I ended up sleeping with them.Well I made out with her while her husband pounded me.They were very much in love,all the while looking at each other while he was balls deep in me.Guess she just wanted to treat her hubby and why not.That was a first for me and was happy to have experienced it with a hot couple like that.

  • Years ago wife and I mid 30 are our seashore hotel bar. W chat with this mid 30's couple -- all 4 of are good looking -- I can teel wife is smitten but she often sucks up to handsome-- nothing ever comes of it. They have 55' yacht and invite back for a nightcap. I have a drink there and fall asleep. I wake up to sex sounds and -- he's fucking my wife and she's mostly watching -- now I'm mostly watching too. She tells me it was just the 2 of them and he thought his wife was having sex with me. "i thought you were having sex with his, and this rock hard 10 with a yacht wants to fuck me.. please forgive me."

  • Fucking hot! I love someone watching me when I have a cock in my mouth thrusting all the way down my throat and filling my mouth and throat with gooey cum.

  • What do you mean women don't talk like that. You're living in a closeted world if you think us women can't swear and cuss as good as you men.

  • Says the guy behind the keyboard.

  • Good one haha, That is too funny!

  • Holiday sex is great. You get all your relatives together, you sneak away with one, then you just fuck each others brains out.

  • Lot of crap the poster below has hit it on the head

  • Why do you sound like a guy? I mean women don't talk like that. Something is up with this person, I'm guessing it's a guy posing as a woman.

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