Why am I such a slut?

I don't know why but I can never say no when someone makes an advance on me. If someone tries to fuck me, they get it. I don't think there isn't a guy who has tried that hasn't fucked me.

I always feel guilty afterwards. I should of said no, I shouldn't have put myself in that situation. But if a guy makes a move my brain just shuts down and I go along with it.

I've cheated on every boyfriend I've ever had, because another guy will a make move, or his friend will make a move and I just shut down and do it. I don't know why I can't say no, or why I end up spreading my legs for any guy that wants it. I'm such a fucking slut. What is my problem?

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  • I started having sex in high school and after the first guy other boys wanted to date me and it just went from there.

  • There's no problem, you love cock. That's all, plain and simple.

  • It seems that ever since I started sleeping with boys it becomes easier and easier? I wear cute panties and I guess I wear them because all the boys like them. I mean I like looking pretty so boy's are attracted to me but it always ends up with them between my legs?

  • Does not sound like there is anything wrong with you. Sounds like you just love having sex and there is nothing wrong with it. Most guys would do the very same thing you do and I am one of them, if a woman wants to have sex with me I am never going to turn it down. Guess I am a slut as well but I love it.

  • Hi my name is Angie, I am the same way, just say hi to me and I’m either on my knees or spreading my legs open. Sometimes I have multiple men in one day, either at work, the gym, grocery shopping in my minivan. I’ve slept with all of my husbands friends, coworkers, and the men in his family except dad, my daughters friends, sons friends, my friends, my coworkers, including my boss. I don’t care if they’re married. I’ve even had stranger that I just met at the casino. I love the way a cock feels inside me

  • So sexy.

  • I don't know why but the first time with a boy I really didn't expect to go all the way, it just happened? The pretty, short sundress that I did my best to match with yellow flowered panties was pushed up almost to my small godlike breasts. My panties were uncontrollably wet with a scary anticipation. It was different this time from the other boy's who pressed against me. He wasn't cutely boyish like them, he was hard and scary feeling. He kissed my neck fondled my girlish breasts all the while he held it saber like poking and prodding till my panties squished audibly. My smooth thin inner thighs chaste but spread wide as he dove in with a full thrust. I melted into a pool of buttery flesh with each thrust till he throbbed a finish. I rearranged my panties as if it never really happened but by the time I got home they were full of him fresh like glazed cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven...up in my bathroom I examined the thick frosting like glazed that filled my panties, touching it I tasted it just to see what it's like. That's what started it all!

  • You don't have a problem. You love cock, my wife does too and all it takes is for me, or any of my friends to show her our cock and soon she's getting fucked, and she loves it too.

  • I can't say no either! I started my sophomore year in high school and have been this way since I was in middle school. I'm really cute and have no problem getting a boyfriend but always have sex like even on the first date????

  • It could be that you love the excitement of it all. You are really no different than any one else but you act out on you desires. Most people say no but wish they had said yes. You regret the things you didn't do in life , trust me.

  • I'll share with you my answer to another poster on here who wants to be gangbanged but claims that she isn't a slut:

    Embrace your slutty side. I often wonder why some women are so ashamed of the "slut" tag when they are only experiencing natural urges, even if they ARE called "raging hormones". As long as your social circles don't mistreat you after someone calls you a slut, no reason to not be proud of the label, as opposed to the "prude" label or "frigid" tag. In the meantime, be glad that someone (or several people) know you like to experience sexual situations and feelings, and like bringing that out of you for YOUR pleasure, too.

  • I let my wife fuck other men as she does the same kind of thing. I love to watch he getting fucked

  • Own it girl

  • I love that you are a slut would love to have someone like you to fuck and watch fuck other guys all kinds of opportunities for great sex and I bet you are hot

  • I got turned on reading this and i wanna fuck you.

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