Tit Lover

My wife and I were with several couples and we had rented a large beach house. One of the ladies, a very large breasted beauty had a swim suit malfunction while body surfing. We finally got a good look at what she was having trouble keeping reigned in. All the guys, myself included, giggled immaturely and gave high fives. The most modestly endowed lady in the group sidled up to me asking, " Is that REALLY that attractive ? " Being honest I answered, " I'm a tit lover, I love them all. So, for me, bigger isn't always better, but her's are pretty good. Nice shape and proportioned...nipples maybe too small, but, whatever, " I shrugged. She looked doubtful, and I told her, " Look, you're just fine, don't worry. " She smiled and said, " They ARE more than a mouthful, and my nipples are just fine. " I smiled back, and nodded, and said,
" I'll have to take your word for that, unless you want to body surf, recklessly. "
She looked around and whispered, " Hang around that outside shower when I get in, if you want a peek. " And, she walked off.
So, I did exactly that. I tarried while others showered in their suits, washing out sand. She waited until last, when everybody else wandered upstairs for lunch. I busied myself washing out my cooler. " Come get a look " she said, and I walked over as she peeled off her suit, in the shower. She cupped them, water cascading seductively. She was, maybe, a 30 C cup, pale, unblemished, puckered pink nipples, aureoles punctuated with tiny bumps. I smiled and nodded, and my eyes wandered to other body parts, her fine ass, and a dark brown bush, trimmed into a narrow strip. " I do expect some sort of payback, " she said, as she casually washed out her suit and cut off the shower, wrapping in a clean towel. " Well, lets do it now, while I'm still semi-hard, " I chuckled, stepping into the shower and stepping out of my suit. My almost boner swung from side to side, as she peered in, nodding approvingly. " Not as long as my old man, but, maybe a little thicker, " she noted as dried her hair, adding, " Hey, I'm a dick lover, I love 'em all, bigger not always being better. Right ? " Right. She had me there.

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  • I got my wife to remove her top in a pool party after she was drunk. This got lots of attention but everyone was respectful and just looked.

  • Outdoor shower story -- It was my 5th date with Jill. All we did on the first 4 was kiss. Two friends who know her said you'll never get in her pants. I get the feeling they're right. But she's fun and we're at a friend's small pool party. I can't believe the the small bikini she's wearing -- her big tits are busting out. This is the first look I'm getting of her bod- but everyone else is too. I see an older guy by the ladder getting a better look when she's climbing up it. Done swimming she says lets shower up. I figure it a suits on shower she has in mind and it starts that way. Then she peels hers off --WTF! So I do the same. all lathered up we start to kiss -- she's gives my dick a good scrubbing and my butt- then she starts a blowjob - turns me around for a rim job , then finished the blowjob. Married 30 years now. She says someone had to make the first move. She said our small town had her pegged goody two shoes -- but she was a little slutty in college. 'That shower wasn't my first rodeo.'

  • This actually reminds me of an experience years ago, with friends on an RV trip. We were at this camp with slides and shit, and there was a big shower building. Most people showered with their kids, so when I was in love it ended up just me and this guy. So we get in the shower together and this guy ends up giving me a big load and I walk back to camp bowlegged. Then I notice a guy across the campfire smiling. It was my friend’s husband who arrived late. I couldn’t help but think yeah late because he was fucking me.

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