Gym sex

You tell me what you'd do in my place.
I'm forty one, very fit, attractive and still modelling part time for catalogues.
My husband who works in financing, is a little older, isn't fit and is often too drunk to get an erection let alone fuck me.
So I'm at the gym a few months back. I see a young guy obviously eyeing me up and I get ultra horny thinking of him maybe fucking me.
I'm about to finish my set, when he walks over, asks me if I'm married, and if I am, why do look like I'm not happy. Without pausing, I tell him maybe because I've not had a large thick hard cock in a while.
At this point I didn't even know his name, and his next comment was 'Well why don't you join me in the steam room'.
By the time I got down to the steam room, he was already in there and it was clear he had a hard on. Still not knowing his name, I watched him remove the towel and saw the biggest cock I've ever witnessed in person.
The reason he'd been so confident for such a young guy, was the sheer size of his dick and he knew once i'd seen it, I'd want to enjoy every inch of it.
An hour later I got into my car to drive home, with a huge grin on my face and a mouth, pussy and arsehole that had been fucked mercilessly by a young man who I then knew was called Aaron.
I should have felt guilty knowing he'd cum inside of me twice. Once in my mouth as I blew him, and once so deep up my arsehole after he'd been fucking both my pussy and arse into sexual oblivion.
I lost count of the orgasms he drove me to with his enormous cock, yet it didn't stop me making him go down on me before we exited the steam room. He was so good at tonguing me, I very nearly passed out from the intensity his mouth and tongue took me to.
At home I bathed, took pictures of myself in the tub and sent them to Aaron. He sent a picture of his flaccid cock, which even limp was bigger than my husbands. Promising we'd have fun again he asked me to meet him the following night.
Like a common whore I let him fuck me in my car down by the reservoir. It was so horny taking his cock from behind up my pussy and arse, just knowing someone could walk past.
When I got home, I found my husband fast asleep on the couch with a bottle of whiskey opened and half drunk. Like a naughty school girl, I woke him up by moving my knickers to one side and squatting over his face. Shouting his name, he sprung up mashing his face into my cum coated sex.
He mumbled something about not wanting sex and crashed out again. Laughing I went off to get in the shower and plan what I was going to wear which was easily accessible for Aaron the next time.
I've continued to see Aaron occasionally, yet he's not my main focus for sex now. That focus belongs to another model who's my age. She's an amazing person and someone who's taught me to be far more independent. And someone I'm probably going to leave my husband for.


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  • I was in my late 30's,hardly had sex with my workaholic husband.Started at a new gym and bumped into a guy I knew through my husbands old job.He was a younger guy late 20's.Great body and great help in the gym.I looked forward to being his gym buddy twice a week in the evenings and I even gave him my number.We flirted casually and he complimented my body and even said my husband must enjoy undressing me every night.I laughed and said he's not even noticed.With that he was shocked and questioned if me and hubby has sex much?I said I forgot the last time.He straight up asked if he could help.I was a little turned on to be honest.10 minutes later I was following him in his car.Getting quite wet at what I was about to do,not even sure if id go through with it.Once in his place he didn't give me a chance.His hands were all over me while he kissed me.We went to the sofa and he pulled my sweaty gym shorts off and ate my sweaty wet pussy out.We pulled the rest of our clothes off and i his hot sexy body made me shiver.His dick was twice as big as my husbands.He spread my legs and shoved his big bare dick into my eager pussy.I gasped as his size stretched me nicely.He pumped me and gave a full on workout.In the end we were both fully satisfied and out of breath,I had more orgasms than I've had in a year and was now filled with another mans cum.I jumped in his shower as it started to drip and run out of my pussy.

  • I'm basically a newlywed and have been working out for a few months now. The aerobics instructor is a buff black man in his thirties and the second class he fucked me in the underground garage. He knew that I was sexually attracted to him and he took advantage of me. We were doing it after every class, I was such a slut!

  • Poor hubby , clueless, in denial,sexless cuckold and soon to be single.

  • Great story I loved it. Keep doing what your doing. If your not getting it at home

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