What the hell was that?

Me, my wife and her friend and her husband went out clubbing. We were all drinking pretty hard. I didn't mind if my wife danced with other people. I was more into drinking anyway. My wife loves to dance and it is fun to watch.

My wife said she needed to take a piss. She didn't return until 20 minutes later, and had fluids running down her leg below her skirt. I asked if she pissed herself, and she said a little. But it wasn't like pee, it was more like cum. It was thick. She swears that she didn't cheat, but it looks otherwise.

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  • My hot wife loves to dance, I love the beer. She usually has no trouble latching on to a guy to dance with. She'll go to this island bar the "ask me to dance" place at out club. She'll have 1 beer all night and be my driver. This one time her guy is really molesting her on the floor. It happens but she's pretty good at dumping guys like that. She already threatened to go the bouncer. But this guy has her wetter than an otter's pocket. The slow dance is over and he's marching out the door. She stop and she tells him she has to the ladies room. I intercept her "he going to fuck me in his van --- do I get a pass?" Hell no. "then get me out of here." She goes to the LR and I pull my car to the the other entrance. She hopes in and we make a jail break. Then we went parking and I fucked her - the stranger did all the foreplay on her. She said he fingered her. It was summer, she had a mini and no panties on. I'm going to her her a fucking chastity belt.
    She said sorry but the guy was hot, aggressive and really turned her on. "I was in my crazy fuck me mode." We really had hot hot sex in the car. Wish there was a way to get that guy get her in nympo mode again, then step in fuck her like that. Not sure this happens much. I imagine in similar situations the girl gets spit roasted or gang banged.

  • I can tell you from experience it was cum not pee. You know what happened, some guy took her in the bathroom and fucked the shit out of her, and she did it with you in the next room where you could have walked in at any time. I guess she doesn't give a shit what you think.

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