Big penis myth

Ok I’m going to clear up the big penis myth from a personal perspective.
For years media, entertainment, even society itself has been telling us that a guy with a large penis has a much easier time attracting women than guys with small or even average size cocks.
This is bullshit in my humble opinion.
I can tell you that my penis is 8.5 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth. That’s huge by any statistical standard out there. I’m also average looking, conservatively a 6/10 to maybe a 7 when I’m in a suit.
I can honestly say that whenever I go to bars or clubs or parties or wherever to meet women, I am consistently outclassed by:
Guys who are more attractive/handsome.
Guys who are tall, over six feet.
Guys who are bodybuilder types.
Guys who obviously have a lot money.
This is true of all backgrounds as well.
99.9 percent of the time I get to go home and jerk off my huge penis ALONE when one or more of the above are present.
People talk about size queens. On rare occasion I have met a couple of these women. Yes they do like a big cock first but the few I’ve met have seemed to have some personal issues as well and I didn’t want anything to do with them in the long run. Also I must stress that this is largely a myth as well, as I think at women who like a big dick, also like the guy to be one or the things listed above.
There I feel better now!!!!!!!!

1.6 years ago

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    • Relax women don't marry men for their penis size they marry them for their wallet size …. they just don't want to admit it ….. women can always find an object to use but never a bigger wallet

    • I would love a man like you sweety. I married one of those pretty boys and his penis is only 4.5 inches long. Yep I went with looks over everything else. He is a funny sensitive guy and he loves me a lot I know. But he doesn't satisfy me sexually. I lie to him and make him believe that he gives me orgasms to make him feel good. I have never made fun of his size. But the fact remains that I need more. I would love a man your size.

    • First off you probably have more like a 4 inch cock not 8. The internet is full of assholes like you. Full of shit yourself. Anyway you could be like a anyone including some guy fresh from the middle east after getting his blown the fuck off while spanking it.

    • It's because you're not advertising your dick size like good looks are. I too have an above average dick size at 9 inches, and I too consider myself a 6 or 7 on the 10 scale. I used to have the same problem until I realized all I needed to do was tease and joke about having a big cock. Once you joke about it and tease about showing them a dick pic (without actually showing them one), they will become curious. You'll find women catching you alone and quietly asking you if you're for real about being big. That's when you ask if they really want to see a dick pic. Then show them a picture for real. They become even more curious and will follow you home to have sex. Trust me. It works. Once word gets out that you are big, you won't even have to try. Women talk, and you'll have women asking you if they can see it before you ever joke about it.

    • Yeah, you are probably right. I am about average cock size, probably average looks. I have always done pretty well with the ladies, I think looks and personality is probably what most women are most concerned with. That said, I still wish I had a slightly larger cock.

    • Average cock is more than enough bro.

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