Big penis myth

Ok I’m going to clear up the big penis myth from a personal perspective.
For years media, entertainment, even society itself has been telling us that a guy with a large penis has a much easier time attracting women than guys with small or even average size cocks.
This is bullshit in my humble opinion.
I can tell you that my penis is 8.5 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth. That’s huge by any statistical standard out there. I’m also average looking, conservatively a 6/10 to maybe a 7 when I’m in a suit.
I can honestly say that whenever I go to bars or clubs or parties or wherever to meet women, I am consistently outclassed by:
Guys who are more attractive/handsome.
Guys who are tall, over six feet.
Guys who are bodybuilder types.
Guys who obviously have a lot money.
This is true of all backgrounds as well.
99.9 percent of the time I get to go home and jerk off my huge penis ALONE when one or more of the above are present.
People talk about size queens. On rare occasion I have met a couple of these women. Yes they do like a big cock first but the few I’ve met have seemed to have some personal issues as well and I didn’t want anything to do with them in the long run. Also I must stress that this is largely a myth as well, as I think at women who like a big dick, also like the guy to be one or the things listed above.
There I feel better now!!!!!!!!

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  • Yeah, you are probably right. I am about average cock size, probably average looks. I have always done pretty well with the ladies, I think looks and personality is probably what most women are most concerned with. That said, I still wish I had a slightly larger cock.

  • Average cock is more than enough bro.

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