I want to have sex with my aunt

My aunt is a short thin woman who I find really attractive. I masturbate thinking about her daily. I sometimes get the urge to force myself onto her and getting her pregnant. I would do anything to have sex with her


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  • I never had sex with my aunt, but she did jack me off. I was staying at her house while my parents were out of town. I was in the bedroom where I was staying and my dick was hard as fuck. I just started jacking off when I heard my aunt coming towards the bedroom saying dinner was ready. I quickly pulled up my pants and put a pillow over my hard on. She came in and asked if I heard her. I told her I had and that would be there in a minute. Thinking back, it was probably totally obvious I was hiding my hard on. She asked if I was ok, then said she could fix my problem. She pulled off the pillow and unzipped my pants. She jacked me off and I spit all over her hand and myself. She didn't say anything until she was done, then she got up and told me to clean myself up as she walked out.

  • I managed to get in my aunt's pants once a very long time ago, she always had a reputation of being a whore, so my parents didn't want her around much, but I saw her at gatherings and such and I always had a superficial crush on her (she's the hot and dumb bimbo type, today she's almost 70 and still looks amazing).
    one time we were all at a wedding out of town and she got hammered because she was recently divorced (she had cheated on her husband) and depressed. i hate parties so i went to my room rather early and turned on the tv. i was just getting undressed when someone knocked at my door, and as soon as i opened it she barged in, tits out (she was nearing 50 back then, still the best pair of tits i've ever seen). pinned me down against the bed before i could say anything. "get undressed and fuck me", she said. i had a thousand thoughts in a second, but i obliged no questions asked. she devoured my cock like a maniac, all the way down her throat. then she pinned me against the bed again and rode me, shouting "fuck me!" over and over again like she lost her mind. i tried my best but she rode me so hard and moved in such a way i don't think i even made five minutes, but i came so hard i shook all over. i think she did too, she was shaking and gasping.
    then she turns all serious, gets up and says nothing. she scoffs and spits in my face. "fucking pervert". gets dressed and storms out. i didn't see her again until christmas and she acted like it never happened. All these years later she still does, and i've never asked her (and never would, i'm married). but it was one hell of a fuck.

  • I had sex w my aunt. She’s a short fat woman, and unmarried. Huge ass. Just massive. I was staying with her to help her with some work around her house and one night she caught me masturbating in her gigantic panties. I was so ashamed but she was so cool because she just said why not just bend her over and experience the real thing? Next thing I know I’m blowing my virginity into her butt hole! Awesome experience and something I’ll never regret.

  • Ok, first of all, never force yourself on any human being, under any circumstances. You have no right to, no matter how intense your desire is.
    Now, I write as an aunt who has actually had a sexual affair with her nephew. It could be possible, depending on how the conditions are for you. Things worked out for me because I'm single, for starters, and my nephew came to the country I live in to study, I was his only family here and we were practically strangers, so the conditions were more than ideal for it to happen. If your family circle is bigger and with tighter members, it might be more difficult.
    But you can try, find a way to test the water. Make a casual, passing comment on her good looks, see how she reacts. She could give you an opening to follow it up.

  • Good advice. My friend was in a sexual relationship with his aunt, it does happen.

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