First time sucking COCK

First time I sucked COCK.

I’m a man and I love crossdressing. I love the feeling of nylons on my legs and wearing strappy high heel shoes. While wearing them I would wonder what it would be like to suck a COCK in them. Kneeling between a man’s legs and sucking his hard and meaty COCK.

I started to go to adult cinema's in downtown Montreal after accidentally discovering their existence one day. I learned that it was almost always men that go there and a lot of them would masturbate and play with each other. I really wanted to try and suck a COCK. So one day I sat down in a seat and masturbated with my pants down around my ankles. A man comes and sits beside me. He takes out his COCK and starts to slowly jerk himself. Eventually I see his other hand glide over to my COCK so I let him stroke me for a bit.

He takes his hand away after a while and I start thinking if he would let me suck his COCK and how do I even start to do it. Would he let me or get pissed off and hit me. The temptation was too great so I just leaned over and started to suck his COCK. It felt amazing. He didn't get offended so I kept on sucking him. He felt so good in my mouth. I felt like such a whore. His COCK was so hard and felt so smooth in my mouth. I was in heaven. This was my calling. Sucking COCKS.

I sucked him up and down. I swirled my tongue around the head and let the tip of my tongue play with the ridge around the head. I made LOVE to his COCK. I wanted to suck him forever. I wanted to suck everyone in that room that day and there were about a dozen men in there that day. It felt natural to have a hard and meaty COCK in my mouth. I was hooked. It made me wish I was a woman so it would be natural to be doing this. To be able to dress in nylons, a short summer dress, long dark hair, lipstick and other makeup and wearing strappy high heel shoes teasing men and making their COCKS hard and ready for me to take them in my slutty mouth and suck them dry.

I was lost in the lust of sucking this man's COCK and had no idea what was going on around me. There could have been a platoon of cops in their raiding the place and I would have kept on sucking this man's COCK. That's how good it felt to have that COCK in my mouth.

After a while the man placed his hand between my face and his crotch. His hand was moving up and down as my mouth was going up and down on his meat. Suddenly he pushes my face off of him and he gets up and leaves. I started wondering what was going on. Did I do something wrong? Did my teeth accidentally touch him? Was he bored? I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste him. To taste his seed. His manly sperm. I wanted to feel how creamy he was. Then I realized I had a lot of saliva in my mouth. Then I really realized that what I thought was saliva was actually his load of cum.

He came in my mouth without any indication that he was cumming. I felt so used. So betrayed. I felt raped. I felt wonderful. A man used my mouth as a cum dump. It made me feel so slutty and perfect. I wanted more men to use me, to take me. Make me their toy, their slut and slave. I wanted to become every man's cum whore.

Since then I was hooked on sucking COCK. You'll notice that I capitalize the word COCK all the time. That's because I feel that a real man's penis is more of a COCK than a sissy or crossdresser's penis. A sissy or crossdresser's penis should be called a dick because the word dick to me implies being smaller and worthless. While a COCK implies a large piece of meat that requires worship. My dick is average size when hard but in cold weather is quite small when flaccid. Mine belongs in a COCK cage. Should be called a dick cage though.

Anyway, since then I was hooked like I said. I went frequently to xxx cinema's downtown and would dress in nylons and such and wait in the small dark cinema's for men to come in. I would be wearing only the nylons and nothing else. Sometimes high heels. They were hard to be kept hidden from my girlfriend. Men would come in and touch me and play with my ass and I would eventually suck most of them off. I was weary of diseases like Aids and such so I tried to suck only the clean looking and smelling guys but even they could have Aids. I sucked a lot of COCKS. A lot of those COCKS would cum on my face or my chest or on my ass. I let a few of them cum in my mouth.

Those are other stories for later.


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  • Near the end of the second paragraph you, a sissy cd, refer to the hand sliding over to your COCK, thereby refuting your later assertion that sissies only have little dicks between their legs. Be more careful in stories to come, and I hope you've learned the difference between sperm and spit.

  • Dammit you're right. I need to be punished for this. Perhaps a whole weekend of getting my worthless sissy faggot asshole raped by a group of 25 men would suffice.

    I'm pretty sure it was his sperm. It was nice and creamy and thicker than spit. I've tasted many other men's cum since then and even my own a few times and I'm 100% sure it was his sperm.

  • I do the same stuff, I am a married cd and I dress sexy with wig and all the makeup, lipstick and sexy blouse and skirt or a dress with nylons, and heeled boots and will make dates or go to sex cinema and be used for the cum slut that I am. love the lifestyle.

  • My bestfriend and I would try on our sister's stuff and make out, it would really get us excited. As we started getting older we'd go out to the mall and walk around as girls and even made out with other boys that didn't know we weren't girls. Eventually I met a boy who didn't care that I was a boy too and he had sex with me, that is way cool!
    I'm still pretty smooth and kinda slow getting hair on my legs but my friend's been shaving his for over a year now. I've just discovered nylons and older guys too. They kinda go together I guess?

  • Well boys, you love your fantasies don't you!!! However if you ever do those activities in real life you will end up with a nasty disease, or worse.

  • This wasn't a fantasy. I sucked a lot of COCKS but I was picky about who I sucked. I tried to pick the clean decent looking guys. I know that even one of them could have a disease so I never swallowed except one guy who I sucked many times over two years and he always used a condom while I sucked him and then take it off to cum on my face and in my mouth. Towards the end of the two years I swallowed his load. I have been tested and so far fortunately I am still clean. And unfortunately I haven't sucked a COCK in about two and a half years. I'm so desperate to have a COCK in my mouth.

  • I never had my cock sucked by a male but I heard that they suck good. U could suck me.

  • I wish I could.

  • I have lots of stories about the same thing if you're interested we can share them together.

  • Yes, of course.

  • What's your email address


  • Sorry, I'm not sharing my email address. I will publish the stories on the site.

  • Best to just make one up

  • Circumstances which I can't explain, I can't make another email.

  • Dod you have k I k ?

  • I don't own a cell phone.

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