I wish my wife would get so horny she would fuck anyone

I wish there was a way to get my wife so horny she would fuck any one. I know she would never do it. If there was a way to get her to do fo it I d say do it. She is 37 can tighten her pussy muscles around your cock and pull the cum out it. Id love to see her uncontrollably horny To ware as long as it cock in her pussy she wouldn't care. Long legs wrapped around some one bare back. Love to see her forget her birth control lol cleanest pussy Ever . I know its a sexual desire And there probably is nothing on this planet to make her do it. Love to see her tits bouncing up and down riding some ones cock. Or if some one had the challenge of Seducing an unseducible woman. she is hot in bed.

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  • Owed a buddy a favor, actually 10. He put a new roof on our house for a case of beer. Wife owed him too. He's going through a rough time -- wife was divorcing him. He always told how hot my Beth is. We were drinking beers on the patio on a hot July night. Told him I can't tell her to fuck you or anything like that -- but hit on her with my blessings and went to bed "i got to get up early guys, have fun" about an hour later I went to the window and she was giving him a blowjob.

  • Ooooo

  • My wife and I used to watch MFM porn ... and wife sharing porn. She finally had an affair, but did not tell me until much later. It was pretty hot when she finally confessed and our sex life expanded a lot. I fucked a friends wife with his permission, and after cumming he got pissed at me. He is still pissed 20 years after!!! You need to know what you want!

  • Tell things like you’re my favorite porn star, you’re my little slut, be slutty for me, etc and encourage her to mess around with guys.

  • It comes naturally to her just as it would you if she asked you to mess around with women for her pleasure. Imagine if she brought a woman in and asked you to kiss her have sex with her, you’d do it. She will too, it’s only natural.

  • We’ve been married 18 years, she’s 40. I’ve shared her several times, but it’s always me who sets it up and she always “does it for me”. She says “you make me do do dirty things!” The thing is she can’t feel responsible for the sex act, it has to be you controlling the situation. If she has sex with another man, she doing it for you and your pleasure, just make sure to tell her how good she is to do this for you. When I want to share my wife, I don’t tell her anything about it, I just tell her what to do for me. I can tell her “it would be so hot to watch you dance with another guy tonight” which leads to “kiss another guy tonight” “blow him” “ride him” “show him your tits” etc.

  • As a newly married couple we moved into a apartment complex and became friends with our new neighbors. After a couple months I was fucking his wife and he was fucking mine. A friend of our neighbors was also fucking our wives. I close group of five fucking our brains out. I would be a common sight to see Jeffery stop by the house feeling the wife up and then fuck her. Or Robert knock on the door and be greeted by the wife dropping to her knees. But all good things have to come to a end. We bought a house and had children. To my knowledge while raising the kids my wife did not have any affairs. Once he kids graduated high school the wife went back to being a slut. That was three years ago and she is already on here 22nd lover. I love hot wives. Just in case your wondering I have scored also but I am only on number four.

  • Keep the faith bud she will come around. I married my wife when she was 18 I broke her cherry. Loyal and faithful for 22 years of marriage before she took the plunge and had a threesome with me and a guy she picked up. It really didn't go that well she was so timid. But the good news is she liked it. We did a couple more threesomes and finally she let loose. What a slut. All those years she keep her emotions hidden when I would have loved to see her do her thing. Been six years since she became a shared wife. By my count she has fucked about 8 men per year or 48 total. Can you imagine if she started out as a slut. That number total would be in the hundreds.

  • I wish my husband felt this way.😍

  • I wish you were my wife lol

  • My husband and I have been married for just over 20 years. I'm in my early 40's, and horny as hell all the time. He's in his late 60's and could care less about sex. Until he caught me cheating on him. He told me that if I was going to fuck other men, I was going to do it in our home in front of him. Well after the first time he watched a bbc pound the shit out of me. It rekindle our sex life, that and viagra. I still get to fuck other guys when ever I want, but now my husband watches, and joins in, when I let him. However we'll always have hot sex afterwards.

  • My wife of 40 years got tired of my little dick about two years after we married and started fucking other guys. Some were friends and some were coworkers (both hers and mine) but most were hook-ups. She ended up pregnant twice. It has been a lot of fun!

  • I begged my wife for over 3 years to do it. When she finally agreed it was amazing. The only problem is I came very fast and then I left her alone with the man. She later told me that he did her three times. We have had him over a few dozen times and it's still very exciting to us.

  • My husband pretends not to notice that his buddy and I have sex. It doesn't happen everyday but when it does my husband and I have the best sex later on that day.

  • Can someone please explain to me why in the hell anyone would want their spouse to fuck someone else? That's just crazy to me.

  • My wife's love for me became stronger after I took her to a swinger's party and watched her get fucked by three different guys, then she watched me fuck another woman's ass. It convinced her to take it up the ass for the first time when we got home that night. We spent 2 days in our apartment doing nothing but making each-other cum.

  • My wife got more willing to experiment after she turned 50. There was about 10 years that she was barely into sex. I had a gay fuck buddy during that time. She hit 50 and it's like someone flipped her switch back on. She would see someone when we were out and say, "Wow. He's kinda cute." I would say, "Just cute?" She (first time ever) said, "I didnt want to start a fight." I said, "No fighting. Dont hold back. Tell me what you really think." She said, "You sure?" I said, "Weve been married 15 years. We aren't going anywhere." She said, "Ok. He's hot. Like, real hot. I'd love for him to bend me over and fuck me till I cant walk." I said, "If you were single?" She said, "If i hit on him right now and he said yes, I'd take him home right now. I'd even let you watch him fuck me." I said, "Go do it." She said, "No way. He wouldn't go for it. I'm old, fat and ugly." I said, "You aren't old. You're a cougar. You absolutely aren't ugly. You aren't thin but who wants to fuck a pile of bones." She said, "Think he'd go for this hairy pussy? What about my armpits? I haven't shaved either in 10 years." I said, "Thousands of porn vids with women just like that." She said, "If I go hit on him and he says yes, you're gonna let me fuck him?" I said, "Till you cant stand." She said, "What are you gonna do?" I said, "Sit in the chair and jack off to live porn." She indeed got laid that night

  • I know what you mean. My wife would never fuck anyone else, but every once in awhile when she's really horny she'll ask me to talk dirty to her. She likes it when I tell her someone else is fucking her, but she won't ask for that specifically. She just says "tell me whatever". She always cums the hardest and fastest when I'm talking about someone sliding their dick inside her. She wants it, she just doesn't want it to be her idea and she has to be horny as hell.

  • My wife when she is really horny, gets wild when I talk dirty. I ask her how many cocks do you want? Its always three when she has she cums. I know in her mind she is having 3 guys. Turns me on

  • It's funny how guys say what they want if they are horny or not. Women will only say what they want when they are really really horny.

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