Nude outdoors

I love to be naked outdoors and take any opportunity I can. I have a seven hour drive to work and I don’t wear pants for ninety percent of the trip. I masturbate the whole time. I try not to cum while driving but one day I went a little too far lol i just held the head of my cock in my fist as I came. Cum was shooting and dripping everywhere. I had to stop on the side of the highway to clean up. I also stop at a National Park on my trip and do nude Bush walking. It’s a nice secluded spot. This is where I normally cum from masturbating so much on my trip.

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  • Boys always swam naked at the YMCA, school, the river in the 60's. Shunned the public pools that you couldn't. People think that that was pretty fucked up now - Now is what's fucked up. A buddy had a backyard pool -- had a 6' fence -- we swam naked. Him mom had a way of not looking - even when served us lemonade and chatted. I was about 14 and she had a friend over and she was looking. She was talking to my dick. Felt a boner coming on and dove in the pool. Too young to process that.

  • I let a friend as a child watch me cum down at the rail road tracks, I tried to talk him into getting naked with me but he was scared. I wanted him to get horny so we could suck each other. I shot my young spurts everywhere he had not yet learned to cum.

  • I like being naked outdoors myself. Started at a young age since we lived way out in the country and my parents own a lot of land. I used to hang out along the creek and get naked and play with myself for hours including sticking many different things in my ass and eating my own cum.
    Shared my secret with my best friend when I was about 12 and was shocked when he wanted to get naked with me so we went down to the creek and got naked. It was even more exciting than either of us imagined and we had our first oral sex and I talked him into fucking my ass. It didn't take much talking and it felt good so he came in me and fucked me 2 more times that day and we both tasted each others cum that day and for years he and I had sex very often and there were quite a few friends that I had sex with. Mostly I let them fuck me because I really liked getting fucked and many times I let several guys fuck me one after the other and that was a huge turn on for me.

  • Who drives 7 hours to work? However I do finger myself & masterbated quite often driving home from work.

  • Yeah, couldn't see driving 7 hrs to work. However I do like being nude in the woods. Like humping trees till I cum.

  • This was believable until you said you had a seven hour drive to work. No one drives seven hours to work, I'm sorry but they don't.

  • Right, I was thinking the samething. Why would anyone drive 7 hours to work.

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