The girls

I am attracted to young girls. I love their cute, sexy little bodies. I wish I could see a young girl nude.
Some friends came over one time with their young daughter. I noticed her standing in the hallway facing away from me. She was staring at something and didn’t know I was there. Everyone else was in the kitchen talking. I started masturbating behind her. I could have cum, I wanted to so bad. I had to walk away before she or someone else saw me.


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  • My gfs daughter is always running around the house with no knickers on so I picked her up and put her on my knee, as she straddled my thigh I helped her hips grind my leg, then afew days later after her bath she came running in and this time I put some hand lotion in my thigh first and picked her up placed her on my leg and she was giggling with delight as I skid her up and down my thigh... got my cock so hard.

  • This summer I was sitting in my van in a car park by the seafront having my lunch break when a beautiful young girl appeared from the beach. She was in her swimsuit and I guess her age was about twelve or thirteen from her height and shape. But the swimwear left little to the imagination, however my imagination was running wild. I could see her camel toe and small breasts which made me so aroused.
    Then I couldn't believe it, she came to a car next to mine, unlocked it and started to search for something, bending over, probing into the car, she was gorgeous. I got my dick out and while watching her had the most amazing masturbation. She has no idea how much pleasure she gave me.

  • That's hot 🔥 love 12 Yr old bodies

  • So did you go somewhere to bust a nut after you walked away? How old was your friend's daughter?

  • That's risky but hot 🔥.. spunk on her bk next time

  • Hands up! FPI!

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