athletic boy with huge boner lost party bet

Hi, i am Matt an athletic and open-minded nudist. I am 25 years old and this is one of my stories:

Last Saturday I was with some friends on a party. We got really drunk and had a lot of fun. Back then we didn't know that the real fun had jet to come.
The party got really interesting when Sarah (one of my friends who looks very sexy, has huge boobs and is very open minded) wanted to make a bet with me. She bet that she has a better insight in human nature then me and she wants to prove that right here right now. She looked really serious about this but was also grinning while holding my hands asking me to accept this bet. I looked her deep into the eyes and accepted her challenge while thinking it would be fun to see who of us knows the human nature better. So we thought about some rules and let our friends be the judges.

One of the judges asked what the wager would be and Sarah decided whoever lose the bet has to offer oneself completely naked to strangers on some websites (xhamster was one of them). The judges loved this and since Sarah came up with this wager they encouraged me to agree to it. Some of the boys wanted Sarah to lose while some of the girls wanted to see me losing the bet. Some of them just loved how crazy and funny this situation was. For me the wager sounded really crazy but also very funny too. Also I was seeing myself victorious already so while I was thinking how funny and sexy it would be to see Sarah completely exposed on many websites offering herself to strangers doing all their bidding I agreed to it while also laughing and smiling with the others about this crazy bet.

Then it finally began and the judges choose some random people where Sarah and I had to make some assumption about them. Sometimes our friends asked us questions about them sometimes we could make some assumptions more freely. Most of the time we were looking for singles speculating if they will make a move on someone, which person will it be, what moves will they use and how their counterpart will react to that move. For every right assumption the judges gave us up to three points. If we made some assumptions where most of the judges disagreed we even got one minus point.

Well it was a really funny and crazy party and we all got really drunk while having so much fun doing the bet. Since the judges were three boys and three girls and they were our friends they were mostly neutral I think. After a while we got so drunk and had so much fun doing the bet that most of us forgot how many points Sarah or I had collected. So the judges started to discuss who of us lost the bet. At the beginning of the discussion Sarah and I wanted to discuss with them who of us really lost but they just told us to say there, be quiet and let them judge us. We obeyed them asking them to please judge us justly.
So there we were - Sarah and I - standing before the judges while they enjoyed discussing our destiny. It was obvious how they loved this power about us. And we were just standing side by side waiting obediently for thier final judgment. Some of them where pointing to Sarah saying she lost the bet while others disagreed and pointed to myself saying I lost the bet.
In the end one girl decided it all ending the discussion saying she got the scoring mostly right and after some time everyone of the judges agreed to let her be the final judge. So finally our- Sarah's and my destiny was there - We were just standing there before the judges - our friends - looking them in the eyes while waiting for our final judgement. One second felt so long I could hear my Heart racing. It was the same for Sarah. ... In the end:

I lost.

So here I am fully exposed for everyone to see on some websites like xhamster.
I asked the judges how long I have to offer myself up for strangers and they just told me: "Let the strangers decided that! Ask them!"
And as you may guessed they want me to stay offering myself to the world for eternity.

I'm all yours

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  • You ever wonder how many of your friends, and their friends have now seen you naked?

  • This is so half-baked, it's soupy !

  • I know that Sarah got turned on watching your show. You should have gotten her alone and fucked her good.

  • Sarah should have given you a consolation blowjob just for playing.

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