My Wife Turned Me Out So She Could Have Lots Of Cocks

My wife got me to wax because I was so hairy below. Next she got me into wearing panties which really felt sexy since I entirely bald below. She eventually shaved my ass crack and made me keep it shaved. I've always had a cute ass and now she started to finger that exposed asshole which felt great!! After getting hooked on being fingered came butt plugs and dildos.It was so hot eventually the only sex we had was her fucking my ass and putting my feet on the headboard so I could shoot my load all over my face and mouth. Now that she had me cock hungry she got me to admit I was gay. To stay married I had to let her fuck other guys while she kept pressuring me to try real cock. I really really wanted to try it but was afraid cock would be the only thing I would want. Eventually, she brought home an incredibly gay guy to ensure I would not only be gay but a very feminine gay . She finally admitted this was her plan all along she always wanted to turn a guy out and I was it. Now I play with fem guys only while she sees lots of guys. Jenny/Jim

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  • I let my wife date other men. Wednesday and Friday nights are her date nights, she’s not allowed any other days. On these nights after the kids are in bed she gets ready and goes out, on dates usually or to meet at a guys place or to go out for dancing and drinks to meet other guys. She loves it, it keeps her free and having fun and having sex with guys carefree without relationships. I love it because she makes sure she dresses more sexy now, she works out, she keeps her bikini area waxed, and she is sexually more adventurous and experienced and willing and able to do anything now. When she gets home she tells me about her night while giving me a hand job or blow job or sex. She does like it when I go down on her when she gets home which grossed me out a little.

  • You should have your wife take you to Walmart, strap you down spread eagle to a 🛒 and let anyone who wants fuck your ass and drop some loads into it.

  • You are crazy.

  • How lucky is she you have been cuckold trained really well, talk to her about locking you in a chastity cage and being your keyholder, you both will just love it.

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