Incest is the greatest taboo?

Please share any sexual experiences that you have had with a family member. Was the experience more intense because it was taboo? Was it a one time thing, or did it continue?

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  • I used to have sex with my sister frequently and I absolutely loved it. It definitely is intense because of the taboo nature of it, like you say. I know family sex is more popular than people think. I know my friend was having sex with his aunt and my wife friend was doing her brother. It's time to stop pretending that this doesn't happen and that it's not normal.

  • My sister was throwing a bachelorette party for one of her friends. They didn't want to pay for a stripper so my sister asked me to do it. I have a big penis so she thought I would be perfect. I never realized how crazy women get. These women whom I had known for years were pulling on my dick and sucking on me. I was laying on the floor with all of them doing pretty much what they wanted when I looked down and saw my sister sucking my dick. I didn't want to kill the mood so I let it happen. It helped that I started sucking on one of her hot friends tits.

  • It felt incredible as my cock entered my mom's pussy. Surprisingly tight, as I pushed into her until the head of my cock was against her cervix. As I began moving, my mom was already moaning. My pelvis hitting my mom's clit with each thrust. I grasped a tit to fondle, twisting her nipple. I began fucking her harder, and faster. I can feel my balls beginning to tighten as my mom has her orgasm. I started pounding her pussy until I was blowing streams of my cum deep inside of it.

  • When I was 16 my parents split up. It was a nasty divorce with a LOT of fighting. My parents didn't want me in the middle of all the shit storm so they took me to live with my aunt and uncle for awhile. My cousin Stella was also 16 and unbeknownst to me at the time, she was asked to keep an eye in me. I was in a very dark place at that time. Doing drugs, drinking, breaking into people's homes, and cutting school. I didn't give a shit if I lived or died.

    So one day after school I took off with my "friends". Stella followed me, and when I caught her, we got into a big fight. My friends took off and left me and her standing there fighting. I tried to get away from her by ducking into a house that was for sale and vacant. She followed and we continued fighting. Finally she asked me what she could do to help me out and make me stop doing stupid shit. Still trying to get her away from me I figured I would shock the shit out of her by asking her to fuck me. She called my bluff and said okay. Then she asked if we should fuck right there as she started to take off her shirt. Surprisingly she had very nice tits, but then she stopped before taking her bra off. She made me promise that I had to stop doing stupid shit and that I could never tell anyone what was about to happen. I promise her and she took off her bra. She had amazing tits and a beautiful pussy. We fucked right there on the floor and then we went home. She held me to my promise and I stopped doing stupid shit. We graduated and both went to the local college together. We only ever had sex the one times, but damn that was good.

  • You shouldn't have let it be a one time thing. I'd have said she would need to keep it up regularly, since you were doing drugs regularly. Should have asked her if she wanted you to have a relapse, and start doing drugs again?

  • No shit man. He got in her pussy and then never got in her again? I mean fuck, at least try an do her again.

  • I’m 39 now, but when I was 15 I had sex with my cousin. We were over their house for a holiday, and the adults were all downstairs. My cousin was 17 and we were watching tv and then we started talking about dating and sex. I told him I was a virgin but that I had given three guys hand jobs and blow jobs. He asked if I was any good and I said I didn’t know. He said to try it on him and he showed me his penis. I didn’t do anything but he took my hand and started stroking it, then he said put it in your mouth so I sucked him a little. He said show me your boobs, so I did. Then he started feeling me up and touching my private area, and he talked me into letting him lick me. I got very turned on because I never had that before and he said let’s have sex. I said okay just put it in for a minute then I’ll finish him with my hand. He put it in me and took my virginity. I finished him with my hand. Later that night he snuck into where I was sleeping and we had sex again.

  • And then he asked if I would go get my mom and dad so we could fuck them too, and I did... and then he asked if I would go get his brother so we could all fuck, and I did....
    Dude, you sound like your fucking 12 years old. No way you're 39, so no way this fucking happened.

  • Mine was a one time thing, and we were adults. I was 44 and divorced and went to a movie with my sister and her friend from childhood (both 37). We went back to my house and had some drinks, talked about growing up and stuff, and I mentioned the worst part of being divorced was that I hadn't had any in months. They were married, but said they didn't get it that often. We fixed the problem that night.

  • So who was hotter, and who was the best fuck? Was it your sister, or her friend?

  • When my sister moved back in after her divorce I was 19 and she is seven years older than I am so we were never really close but always got along. I guess it had been about two months later when one morning she came to my room with just a t-shirt on. She asked me if I could have sex just for the fun of it with her because she was really horny but did not want a boyfriend or a hook up from a stranger. She was and is still pretty hot and instead of saying no I told her sure, sounds fun. We ended up having quite a bit of fun because we told each other what really turned us on and we tried it out on each other.
    She moved out after about six months and I helped her get her stuff up to her new apartment. We were pretty tired after jobbing all day but she looked at me and asked me if I was to tired to have sex, I told her never. I think that was the longest sex session I have ever had in my life, I ended up having three orgasms and when we finally stopped we were both just a sweaty mess. We had sex for about two hours just constantly pleasuring one another and it was just awesome.

  • So nice to have a sister that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving.

  • Me and my friends used to play sex games all the time. My sister joined us one time and I got to see her naked for the first time ever. She's only than me so I never saw her naked when we were kids. She has nice tits and a bald pussy. I wanted to fuck her after I saw how hot her naked body is. I felt bad thinking that, but when you see a smoking hot 10 body, I couldn't help it.

  • I would have been trying to fuck your sister the day of the sex game, and from then on until it happened, or she made me stop.

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