Can’t stop having sex with me ex

I can’t stop having sex with my ex boyfriend, we have a child together so we do see each other a lot, I’ve had a new partner for over 3 years and still I can’t stop myself having sex with my ex.
As a person he irritates me but in bed it’s a different story!

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  • I've been remarried for 13 years. My ex has bee. Remarried for 5. We still fuck often. My wife is good in bed but its vanilla sex and no oral. My ex loves sucking dick. Likes it in the ass. She even mentioned a few times that we should divorce our spouses and get remarried. I told her we can fuck any time she wants but I dont think we could ever live together again

  • Yes been married 5 years now and still fuck my ex.We also have a kid together.I love my hubby he is the romantic type but is lacking in the bedroom department so 2 years ago I found out that my ex could fill that role.My how I missed him.We were texting and sex came up.I never normally compliment him but said he was good at that.So when he offered as a joke I took him up on it.It was so good 2 days later I went back for more.Now here we are 2 years later and I can't stop.

  • Pretty common. A lot of couples only stay together because the sex is so good, and after they break up, it's hard to give up the good sex. I remarried four years ago, and still fuck my ex every chance we have to get away from our new spouses.

  • I understand that, my ex and I split up 10 years ago. We kept getting together for sex. That is one thing We had in common. We had to stop after she came to my house and asked my girlfriend if she would share me. That turned out to be one hell of argurement. When she let that cat out of the bag

  • Wow I would have gone ballistic if my bf did that - Jane

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