Porn Night Gone Badly

I was trying to get into a fraternity and had to jump through all kinds of hoops to do so. I was charged with procuring some pornographic films for a beer bash after a meeting of the "Brothers". This was the early 70's before such things were easy to come by. I had a younger friend who worked with an old guy who kept a footlocker full of porn at his workplace. His wife didn't approve of such and would not let him keep it at home. He had magazines, paperbacks and reels of 8mm films. I got my friend to ask him to lend us three or four films. He refused, so, my friend nabbed three of them on the sly. He didn't have any idea what he was stealing, and I didn't really care. To me, they were all just films of men and women fucking, and, I had really only seen a few at that point in my life.
So, the big night arrives, and the beer was flowing and the projector set up. First, they bitched that I had only brought three. Then, I was told that what I had brought had better be good. I shrugged and a film was threaded in. As luck would have it, the first was a Danish film, in color, and did indeed have men and women fucking. I now know it to have been "loops" edited together, just sex, no semblance of a story or anything. But, the second reel was in black and white, and was a film of bestiality, specifically, a woman masturbating a stallion. Lots of retching from the brothers, screams of " GROSS ! " . The money shot was having the stallion ejaculate into a condom thing, and then the, by now, naked woman poured the contents on her tits and cunt, rubbing it in. Funny how they claimed to hate it, and cursed me, but, watched it two more times.
The final film was the one that doomed me. It too was b&w and was a gay leather bar, bdsm themed thing, grainy and badly done, guys in leather harnesses, chaps, jock straps, or bare naked, whipping, sucking, fucking, even fisting. It was a world none of us ( as far as I know ) had ever seen or knew existed. One repeated shot was of a well hung leather daddy stroking his cock. The film was ripped out of the projector, and set fire to. I couldn't even muster any protest. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would never gain admittance to that fraternity, and was basically laughed out of the room. The bestiality film was promptly stolen, the Danish film was almost taken as well. I had to remind them the films weren't mine. It didn't matter. I took the remaining film and grabbed one last beer, and slinked away.
A caveat ? That particular frat had their charter taken away a year later when a young lady was beat and raped at one of their parties. It wasn't a gang rape, more of a domestic one-on-one, but it mattered not to the university. Thank God I hadn't passed muster !

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