How I found out my wife is a slut

I have been with my wife for 15 years. Over the past 10 years I was able to get my wife to tell me about her past sex partners. At first she lied about the total number as she told me that her number was 13. As time past and she became more comfortable sharing, as in she realized I would never be mad at her, the number increased slowly to 30.
We continued to discuss her past and I became more and more turned on by her stories. It became obvious that in her younger days she would have been considered a slut by most. This was not a reason for shame as far as I am concerned so I never tried to make her feel bad. I encouraged her to talk about it and told her how I liked the things she said.
Over time I began telling her about my fantasy of her becoming a “hotwife” and to have sex with other men. At first she was adamantly against it and even refused to talk about it. A few years went by and she didn’t seem to be coming around to the idea so I figured it was a no go. She had even said that if she ever had sex with another man that she would leave me.
I had pretty much given up all hope even as I would still bring it up on occasion. Then one day, as I was bringing up the topic again, she said she would do it. I figured she only said it to shut me up. More time passed and she kept saying she was going to do it but she came up with excuse after excuse for not doing it. My pressing always kept things on edge. Finally she said, “ok, how do we do this?” We discussed internet accounts on sites designed around hookups. We created accounts, she took pictures of herself and we were off. She seemed so nervous and I made sure to say over and over that she did not have to do any of this if she didn’t want to. I bought her a couple of anklets and she wore one on her right ankle every day. We would be contacted by different men and the weeding out process began.
Finally we agreed on a prospect and she said she would meet him. The day came, she dressed for a date with sexy matching bra and panties and she fixed her hair and makeup as if she was worried he would not like her. They met and about an hour later she was sitting in his truck with him in a park. They made out and she rubbed his cock through his shorts. She came home and described it as big and really hard.
A couple of days later she agreed to meet him at a hotel for sex. I was a complete ball of nerves. She was absolutely emotions gone wild as she got ready. We picked out her clothes and she prepared herself to officially become a hotwife. I spoke to her on the phone right up until she approached the room. We said we loved each other and then she entered. About an hour and a half later I received a quick text that simply said “we did it”. I asked if she had cum and and if she was staying for more. She said that she had and that she as going to stay. Her most arousing comments were how huge his cock was and how powerful his thrusts were. They ended up having sex twice. She came home and told me every detail. She described him pulling out and cumming all over her back the first time they did it. And then how she had swallowed his cum the second time. It was one of the most erotic moments of our lives.
One month later and she has now had sex with 5 guys, we call “bulls”. She has met for sex 10 times and had sex 20 times. They have all cum inside her and she has sent me video of the sex from 3 of the bulls. We have become a lot closer and we discuss everything in detail. She had confessed to me that she has always been a slut and feels turned on by still being one. I have asked her several times if she wanted to continue to have sex with other men and she always, without hesitation, says yes. She says she loves the extra attention and she loves the sex. She never hesitates to tell me that she feels just like a slut, but a good slut as we laugh. We have had our ups and downs that we have had to work through. We have created and modified the rules but most of all we are quick to get past arguments and we talk so much more.

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