My wife is my fuck toy

My wife is a gorgeous 5’6” 125 lb blue eyed brunette with an amazing body and perfect C cups. When I’m really horny she will have a quickie to just get me off. Today was one of those days. She undressed and sat on the edge of the bed and asked what I’d like. I said I’d like a blowjob to help make it quick. She sucked on my head and stroked my cock until I was throbbing hard. I squirted a bunch of lube over my cock, she asked where I wanted her. I told her to stand up and bend over the bed. I grabbed her by the hips and started to thrust into her, I was halfway into her when she pulled away and told me I had the wrong hole. I was so hard and lubed up I slipped right into her asshole. I pulled back out and she grabbed my throbbing rod, gave it a couple quick tugs and guided it into her tight little pink hole. I pushed her against our bed, fucked her hard and fast while rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. After about 2 minutes I thrust balls deep into her and spurt my whole load inside of her. It was such a huge release I was weak at the knees for a bit afterwards. I have the most amazing wife!!!

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  • Just married we'd go to a secluded park near our house. We'd get naked do all the stuff we did as kids, then have sex on the stuff. She'd fuck me cowgirl while we swung high on the swings. She gave me blowjobs as I hung upside down. Standing up while giving a BJ was a real turn on for her. She'd stand there hands on hips and just suck away. Getting down after just blowing your load, always a real challenge. But the best was the monkey bars. She would straddle 2 squares while licked her deep. She came so hard she cried.

  • Nice! I’m jealous. How old are you guys. It would be fun to swap with you two at the park!

  • First 10 years I'd fuck my wife 3x a day and get lunch hour blowjobs in the car.
    We're mid 60's and fuck 3x a week and 4 blowjobs.
    Former prom queen , still wears a bikini -- calls herself blowjob queen. Actually her girlfriend and her call each other that.

  • My wife loves to give me head and gives me so much of it that I do not think I have ever asked her one. She really gets off on being sort of made to do it and many times I have come home from work to find her self handcuffed, blindfolded and ready to suck. Here is a vid of what I came home to one time but this happens all the time. Go to Youporn and in the search bar type in Cuffed BJ, there are quite a few but look for the one where the woman is kneeling on a couch with a towel on the back of it.
    She was in her cycle so she is only topless but she cuffed and blindfolded herself waiting for me to come home from work. I work in road construction and come home really needing to shower most days, she does not care how sweaty my cock is, just wants to suck it right away. Once I came I asked her why she was not naked and she told me "mother nature came today but if you want to you can play with my ass." I kept her cuffed and moved the towel to the arm of the couch and bent her over it, went and got lube from the nightstand and slowly screwed her ass for the next half hour. She got so turned on she told me to strip her naked and put her in the tub and do the same thing to her pussy. She told me to keep her handcuffed and blindfolded, do it rough so I got her in the tub and pulled off her sweats and panties. Pulled out her tampon and just started slowly fucking her, she was moaning and loving it all.
    We were both a mess when I finished up but I have one of the most adventurous sexy wives on the planet and now quite a few times a year I come home when she is in her cycle and she has handcuffed herself waiting to be taken and screwed

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