Fucking the neighbors

This weekend it was unseasonably warm and I decided to do some gardening and yard work. Our neighbors are really into it too and let us borrow their wheelbarrow and trimmers.

I told my husband that I was going over to borrow an electric trimmer from them and when I knocked on their door no one answered, though I could tell they were home as their cars were in the driveway. Finally our neighbor's husband said "who's there" and I said it was me and he said "fuck it, come in". My neighbors were in the living room naked with another couple. I almost freaked out. I said "Are you having sex?" and they said yeah.

I'm 51 and they are in their late 20s. They said I could join them, and I had to think about it, as I'm faithful. But I hadn't been screwed in a few months, so I joined in and we fucked and sucked for about 45 minutes. I'd never done anything like that before and it felt great. I can't say that I'm really attractive compared to them, but they seemed to enjoy my presence.

When I came home with the trimmer my husband asked why it took so long. I said we had a cup of coffee and chatted. He has no idea.

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  • Love the “are you having sex” comment hahaha

  • Im 60 and my wife and I have sex maybe 4 times a year. It sounds like you're in a long-term relationship, so just enjoy the moment. It's not cheating. I don't think my wife would have an issue if I were as lucky as you.

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